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Hi there and how do you dew!?

My name is Kaitlyn--some of you may know me from my days as The Bachelorette or as a contestant on Dancing with the Stars. If you're thinking, "I have no idea who this person is," that's okay too! Here's the gist: I love dancing, dogs, wine, and a solid F.R.I.E.N.D.S reference.

The other thing you should know about me: I love scrunchies--I’m a big scrunchie guy.

Dew was my first venture in the entrepreneurial world and it’s grown into so much more than my business partner, Clio, or I could have ever imagined, even in our wildest of dreams.

When launching Dew, our goal was to offer the best quality hair accessories while sharing our love for scrunchies with whoever would listen. Today, it exists as a beautiful, positive community of incredible, thoughtful and supportive individuals who we call the Scrunchie Gang.

As Dew grows, we're working every day to evolve--making this the most fun, engaging, and uplifting brand it can be! We prioritize sustainability by sourcing environmentally friendly packaging and working with ethical, local factories to support our economies as best we can, right here in North America. With a few years of scrunchies under our belt, we're excited to expand our product offerings into other everyday items we just can't live without! But most importantly, as we look at the year ahead, we want to emphasize the core of who we are and who we have always been: you.

So with this in mind, I say DEW YOU! Be unapologetically and authentically yourself and to have a damn good sense of style while you do it!

Hello You!

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