state of grace

My Fave Sayings…

I am so excited to announce #KBxSOG, my collaboration with State of Grace! They are an awesome brand that I think pretty accurately reflects my style, and I knew would be the perfect brand to capture my sense of humour, too (insert awkward Kaitlyn joke here).

I’ve designed a line that is all about my style and my personality. There’s nothing like a little offside humor to keep things interesting, and it’s even better when you can wear it. Style and sass is the best combo, and our line is both!

I’m all about good karma- not about the hater mentality #notimeforthat. As we all know, I’ve had my fair share of mean comments and negativity, but #KBxSOB is all about the “good kind” of offside #DOYOU. We’re all about laughs and good vibes! It’s a perfect fit for edgy fashionistas, and fun-loving personalities.

I can’t wait for everyone to see this! Hit up the State of Grace website to view the complete line. It’s gonna blow your mind.  #spreadthelove









Photo Credit | Booje Media