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A Little Getaway



Our trip to Galveston was exactly what the doctor ordered.  After months of traveling all over the states and Canada, Shawn and I needed a relaxing little getaway more than anything.  Galveston was absolutely perfect.  Its chill vibe, beaches, and old fashioned downtown couldn’t have fit our personalities better.  It had everything we wanted and more.  We had our own little villa at The Villas at The San Luis Resort with our private pool and bar (are you kidding me?!).  It was a perfect little hideaway for us.  After being in front of the cameras and microphones for the last few months, a little escape from it all was necessary.

Galveston has so much to do.  In our short week there, we visited the “Lone Star Flight Museum”, had our own plane take us above the island to give us a bird’s eye view of everything, had a private pontoon ride out to an amazing restaurant on the water, ate at the best steakhouse around, went on carnival rides, went shopping, had drinks at the local bars, and more.  Everyone we met was very welcoming and very down to earth.  Shawn worked out at the hotel everyday while I got my tan on. The best part about Galveston was that everything was within a 10 minute ride. It’s a place we had never heard of before this trip, and after making many wonderful lifetime memories there, we left Galveston knowing it was a place we would never forget. It was truly the perfect romantic getaway.



My Fave Sayings…

I am so excited to announce #KBxSOG, my collaboration with State of Grace! They are an awesome brand that I think pretty accurately reflects my style, and I knew would be the perfect brand to capture my sense of humour, too (insert awkward Kaitlyn joke here).

I’ve designed a line that is all about my style and my personality. There’s nothing like a little offside humor to keep things interesting, and it’s even better when you can wear it. Style and sass is the best combo, and our line is both!

I’m all about good karma- not about the hater mentality #notimeforthat. As we all know, I’ve had my fair share of mean comments and negativity, but #KBxSOB is all about the “good kind” of offside #DOYOU. We’re all about laughs and good vibes! It’s a perfect fit for edgy fashionistas, and fun-loving personalities.

I can’t wait for everyone to see this! Hit up the State of Grace website to view the complete line. It’s gonna blow your mind.  #spreadthelove









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Fall’in South

So summer is officially over. I’ve had a lot of fun exploring my city with Shawn this summer, and can definitely say it’s one for the books. With fall coming and the seasons changing, there have been some big changes happening for me too. I’ve left my roots in Vancouver (for now) and I’m making my way back down to the ol’ US of A. Packing is tough when you’re going to 4 different cities in 2 weeks.

In Vancouver, I pretty much know that I’m pullin’ out my fave leather jacket, jeans, and Frye boots (duh), but man, it’s a lot warmer down in the South! I think I’ll have to leave my fall favourites and my staple rain jacket and boots behind.  Might just trade them in for some jean shorts so Shawn and I can go to the ‘honky tonk’ (that’s a thing, right?).

What do all my girls down south wear in the fall? Looks like I’m going to have to go shopping!





PS: Why do birds fly south in the Fall?
Because it’s too far to walk.

This Canadian goose knows what’s up!




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Outfit Details:
Trout Rainwear Jacket
Aritzia Wilfred Fernie Triangle Scarf
One Teaspoon Free Bird Blue Blonde Jeans
Burberry Boots
Daniel Wellington watch

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The Lip Schtick

I was in the NYC for New York Fashion Week last week, and boy was I ever out of my element. Fashion for days, and so overwhelmed. Still nailing down outfits, but I do have a bit of a staple when it comes to my own ‘Kaitlyn’ style– my lipstick.

Since half the time I don’t know what I’m doing when it comes applying makeup, I asked my makeup-artist pal, Mina, to give me a little tutorial on how to properly apply it so that it lasts (its been quite useful for me these days with all of the running around Shawn and I have been doing!). I’ve been getting a lot of questions about my lipstick shades, so I wanted to share some of my faves with you guys (you can shop the shades below). I wear everything from bright pinks like ‘Candy Yum Yum’ to a more natural nude, like ‘Fashion Pack’ that I’m wearing here.

So here’s the schtick with the stick (get it?):




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Jewelry | Leah Alexandra

Makeup by Mina Ardoueiazar | Beauty by Mina 

Photo Credit | Booje Media