A Little Getaway



Our trip to Galveston was exactly what the doctor ordered.  After months of traveling all over the states and Canada, Shawn and I needed a relaxing little getaway more than anything.  Galveston was absolutely perfect.  Its chill vibe, beaches, and old fashioned downtown couldn’t have fit our personalities better.  It had everything we wanted and more.  We had our own little villa at The Villas at The San Luis Resort with our private pool and bar (are you kidding me?!).  It was a perfect little hideaway for us.  After being in front of the cameras and microphones for the last few months, a little escape from it all was necessary.

Galveston has so much to do.  In our short week there, we visited the “Lone Star Flight Museum”, had our own plane take us above the island to give us a bird’s eye view of everything, had a private pontoon ride out to an amazing restaurant on the water, ate at the best steakhouse around, went on carnival rides, went shopping, had drinks at the local bars, and more.  Everyone we met was very welcoming and very down to earth.  Shawn worked out at the hotel everyday while I got my tan on. The best part about Galveston was that everything was within a 10 minute ride. It’s a place we had never heard of before this trip, and after making many wonderful lifetime memories there, we left Galveston knowing it was a place we would never forget. It was truly the perfect romantic getaway.