So, if you’re reading this I’m guessing you follow my snaps and know we recently moved! When we decided that it was time, I was stressed at the very thought of packing, moving, lifting, and everything in between. Shawn said it would be a good workout, and I said, it would be a good idea to call some movers. This one name stuck out to me, because I saw their truck around town and it was simple. Two men and a truck!

When I contacted the company, they responded within minutes and were there to help and make our lives easier. These two men were there the morning we needed them. They showed up with smiles and they were ready to get down to business. I literally sat back and felt like a screen door on a submarine. Useless. They did it all, and more importantly, were HAPPY to do it. It took away SO much of the stress. When they dropped off all our belongings, we got to chatting and I realized something else about the company that made me very happy. They are located throughout the whole country and often donate moves for great charitable causes. They really do care. Not only about doing a great job and making people’s lives easier, but they care about their community and helping others in need. I just thought that was incredible, especially after being so pleased with their help.


Shawn and I are now settling into our new home. We love it so much and can’t wait to invite y’all in!! (THAT WAS MY FIRST Y’ALL EVER). Felt pretty good to be honest with you. I’ll be sharing more healthy recipes from the new kitchen, snaps of Tucker Doodle exploring, and probably Rick and Donna enjoying a nice Cabernet Sauvignon on the front porch.

Stay tuned to see how we decorate! All feedback is welcome!!




  1. Bukelwa says:

    Congratulations on your new home my dear. We cant wait to see how you decorate it. It looks like a very lovely home am sure you will raise your kids there.


  2. Tiana says:

    So awesome your move went smoothly… my fiancé and I are traveling for our honeymoon(this June 😆)… I hope when we settle permantely it goes as well as yours did!

  3. Mylan says:

    I literally wish you and Shawn had your own show. Both of your snaps are literally TO DIE!!! Love that you guys live “normal” lives, rather than the LA trend. Ever consider doing a show? P.S. Love your guys’ style, and if you ever need a personal assistant…HOLA!

  4. Karen says:

    Love you guys

  5. Karen says:

    Hi Kaitlyn,

    I do follow your snaps, they are great! Boy you sure do travel a lot… How old is Tucker Doodle – he is so adorable. I have a stupid question who are Rick and Donna lol. I love when you guys do the impression of them but I have no clue who they are? I enjoy following your adventures, keep up the great work!

  6. Krista says:

    “I literally sat back and felt like a screen door on a submarine. Useless.” – I think that is my favourite quote, ever. Totally going to start using this in my real life. Probably won’t be questioned on it as much as all of my others. #newfiegirlproblems
    Love reading about your happenings <3

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