Last year, the “Men Tell All” episode was one of the hardest episodes for me. I was so emotionally drained from all the hate I had received and I knew we were going to address the bullying. I had a feeling that some of the guys would support me, and some of the others would make me feel bad. It was so difficult to relive all of the hate that I was hit with and was still receiving. I’m glad that the show’s tone was nowhere near that this year. Throw Chad into the mix and how could it be about anything else but him? Seriously, for a good chunk of time there it was the “CHAD Tells All”.

I have to start by saying though, that when Chris Harrison introduced the panel of guys, I said, “who??” at least six times. James S? Jonathan? Brandon? Who are these guys and why were they even there? It was hard to say who got the bigger applause though. Chase or Luke. Those two are definitely The Bachelor contenders. Oh, and believe me when I say I have some ideas for that.

I also wanted to get this out of the way – I still don’t understand Derek and Alex’s beef. What a waste of air time! What I do know is that I hate it when Alex continuously uses terms like “sensitive” and “bitch” to insult the other guys. Then again, maybe I’m just a sensitive bitch.

On to Chad, who got his own dressing room and security detail by the way. You can’t say this show doesn’t play up the drama in a hilarious way at times.

When it came to his behavior, Chad said that during filming, he heard the guys constantly talking about him and it drove him nuts, which led him act the way he did. I doubt that’s the entire reason, but I do believe him being egged on contributed to it for sure. Wells made a great point, admitting that the guys for sure ganged up on Chad. However, he also said it was justified, based on what Chad was saying and doing. Wells, the most rational dude on the subject.

Unlike Nick B, who, out of nowhere, threatened to fight Chad but just ended up looking like a doofus. Take a seat, Santa.

It was also revealed that Evan pushed Chad before he ripped Evan’s shirt at the sex show stand up comedy date. Hmmm, different perspectives. Evan KNEW he was poking the Chad Bear, I’m glad he finally got called out for it.

And about the whole Chad dating Grant and Robby’s exes since the show thing…I actually find it funny. Dude is on another level when it comes to trolling. JoJo nailed it when she refused to respond to his chastising because anyone who does is just playing into his attention grabbing antics and giving him exactly what he wants. AKA – don’t feed the troll. Although, it’s definitely entertaining whenever someone does.

What else happened?

JoJo faced the guys again for the first time since letting each of them go, and you could tell, with the exception of Chad, she was so genuinely happy to see all of them again.

I was so happy to see some of those guys’ faces when it was my episode of “Men Tell All”. Some of the relationships I had formed were friendships that I still cherish. But holy moly is it ever intimidating. Ever had 25 of your ex-boyfriends in one room staring at you…wanting answers? I don’t recommend it. Most importantly, Luke and Chase got their closure – and I really think they should BOTH be the next Bachelor(s)! Let the women decide! Clearly I’m not over this…

Oh and Vinny’s mom is #HairGoals.

Big finale next week!



21 thoughts on “MEN TELL ALL

  1. GrandmaG says:

    Definitely agree about who the next 2 bachelors should be. Just wish one of them would had been the right one for JoJo. Either of the two left will not lead to a lasting relationship, unfortunately, as far as I am concerned.

  2. Angela says:

    I totally agree with you; really don’t think it will last with either one. I think Jojo is a total fool for letting Luke go!

  3. Jasmine says:

    I love your input into all of this! I think a big reason that so much airtime was spent on issues that aren’t that important is that Jojo’s season just wasn’t that interesting and the only way to hold viewers attention was to focus on Chad’s ridiculousness. That being said, you were a way bachelorette Kaitlyn!

  4. kaekaej says:

    I definitely think that Luke should be the Bach! The only thing is we always see the farm/ranch guys make it to the end (because to be honest they are complete catches) but is it realistic for someone not used to that lifestyle to go jump in and be happy? I’m from a small town and I totally get it but if I were from a bigger city, the transition of living in the city to living on a ranch/farm away from so many people would be very difficult (and we’ve all seen how it has worked out for Chris S). That being said–I still think Luke should be the Bachelor and I’ll enter my bff to win his heart 🙂

  5. Diane W. says:

    I think Luke was raised on a ranch/farm but currently lives in Nashville. At least that is what I thought I had heard about him. Nashville would be a pretty nice place to live.

  6. Ashlyn P says:

    I am not a huge blog person but I absolutely love reading yours! I am pretty sure you commented on everything that happened in the show in the exact ways I thought when I watched it. If they do what you suggested in letting the women pick between Luke or Chase…who would you choose? I would have no idea!!! Anyways your great, keep doing you!! Also, side note…you and Shawn need to come back and visit Houston!

  7. Teri says:

    Lol love reading your perspective. I am so bummed over the two guys she ended up with. Who do you think was best for her? I’m not sure? I still think Ben should have picked her, I’m sorry but Lauren is too in love with herself. Way too many selfies in Social media I mean seriously????

  8. Sandy says:

    Kaitlyn.. I have to say this. I never realized how dog gone smart and witty you are. The producers sure kept THAT under wraps with the Chris series. It DID come out more in your series… But damn girl, you are the smartest and wittiest girl to come out of this franchise. Hands down. Shawn was in a cool and honest category of his own too. I guess that’s how I put you two together NIGHT ONE! Yep.. I called it. I hope you will be together forever!! 🙏👌

  9. Dana says:

    I read an article on Glamour detailing the behind the scenes of Men Tell All. Interesting that Chase received louder applause than Luke but they decided to air Luke getting the loudest. Probably because they’re going to make Luke the next Bachelor. I don’t care either way because I’m going to watch no matter what. I’m interested in Kaitlyn’s take on Robby threatening his ex if she tells her side of their relationship. I definitely believe those rumors. Him and his family are on a crazy campaign to promote him, yet most of of what I hear on podcasts, radio is that viewers seem to despise him. Pretty comical 🙂

  10. Elizabeth says:

    All i could think about is last year’s men tell all when you brought tears to everyone’s eyes. The amount of disrespect you had to go through and didn’t deserve… i’m sure it made you stronger and a better person. Made me want to re-watch your season. Def the best bachlorette.

    Les be real, though. Luke would be an amazing bachelor. Plus, i love the way he says “Life”.. “Love of my laaa-iff”

  11. Rachael says:

    I love Vinnys mom comment at the end. 😂😂😂😂 Classic. You make me laugh Kaitlyn! You need to write a book. Huge fan.

  12. Nikki B says:

    This is the best recap! It’s as if you’ve read my mind. And Wells, sigh, such an intelligent guy. Loved when he said don’t say Chad’s name, like Voldemort… (Cute nerd alert!) Girl, they should let the women choose between Luke and Chase!! That whole situation was so wrong in so many ways! Thanks for always keeping things honest and hilarious! Cheers 🍷❤️

  13. Tracey says:

    Great review Kaitlyn!
    Love you and Shawn,you guys are cuties. You mom is hilarious.
    I agree,why not both Chase and Luke?
    You must be quite thankful that your season did NOT have these guys..dodged a bullet.
    I know that the guys don’t like Chad however, what are your thoughts on the fact that none of guys gave their condolences to Chad on the loss of his mother? As well as none of them acknowledging that he was a Marine. Alex and Luke are heroes but they ignore Chad.

  14. Dina says:

    I had this hilarious dream and needed to tell you hahaha

    it was kind of like an american idols finale (more like a glee performance vibe though) – top two and shawn comes out first with his hair slicked back, navy suit on and just smiling and singing on stage. there are literally confetti all over the air with bright lights and everyones cheering – then he points to the back and the audience all happily turn around to see you busting out – i guess you guys were already a couple and started dating mid show HAHA but you had a baby bump and people were cheering like crazy cause you were holding a mic with one hand and singing and holding your bump with the other. and i was all confused cause i was like wait she wasn’t pregnant…. then somehow in the dream it fast forwards and people are filming your life – we learn your baby … um yeah 🙁 BUT you’re preggos again and have a gorgeous healthy one!

    thats all lolol love your recaps ! i was thinking the same thing – they should have the girls choose between luke and chase 😉

  15. Heather LePior says:

    I think that the next bachelor shouldn’t be chosen from this pool. I think Chris Harrison should choose someone totally new! The show needs it.

  16. Deanna says:

    I agree with Sandy, Kaitlyn you are so witty and on your season there were just a few of the guys who loved your sense of humor. Shawn and Tanner, Jared could handle your banter and they are humble too but I knew from night one Shawn was the one. Good recap as always. Chase and Luke for the bachelor, #team Chase.

  17. Jessica says:

    I think Chase is lame and although Luke is a mystery he is also a bit boring. They need to spice it up. Go old school and pick someone random from America. Do people a solid and do a bachelor with all people over 30. No that will be a group of some serious love seekers. Lol. I also like the idea of Chris Harrison, but I think we all know he won’t go there. 😏

  18. Laura says:

    Unfortunately, JoJo chose Jordan…I was rooting for her to have a great marriage-husband type such as Chase. Jordan seems immature and not ready to settle down. He’s too “showy”. Chase seemed down to earth and is the kind of guy that JoJo deserves. Sadly, I don’t think that Jordan was the right pick. Hope I am wrong.

    Kaitlyn – I love your snaps. I am entertained by you and Shawn. You two deserve the reality show. I hope you two tie the knot soon! I can’t wait to see you two have children! What AWESOME COOL parents you will make! My 3 kids always told me I was not “cool”. LOL

    Come visit Auburn, Alabama! College town!

  19. Uhhh why am I just now finding out about your blog?! You read my mind with the Men Tell All…but no surprise there. Can’t really handle the level of awkwardness between Alex, Nick B, Evan and Chad. But it also made for some really funny one-liners from Chad Bear.

    Maybe we should petition for a new series called “Keeping It Real With Kaitlyn”. Just throwin’ it out there… I’d tivo that on the reg.

    Thanks girl for always make me laugh! xo

  20. Patee P. says:

    Hello! I have never been a blog fan…but I love reading yours. All subjects–but especially your take on the episodes and anything to do with you, your mom, your dog, your uncle, your niece and of course….Shawn (not necessarily in that order)! You are so refreshing and I adore everything about you-especially your humor and honesty. I actually signed up for SnapChat just to follow you and I love seeing your family game nights with your mom’s quick and witty comments. I am just a normal mom of 4 adult children with a 3 year old grandson….I have been happily married for 31 years (engaged after 3 weeks of meeting my love) and wish you and Shawn this happiness as well! Keep on blogging and snapping and I will keep on following-is that the hip term? LOL 😂 I am looking forward to your next blog about the Bachlorette finale and Bachelor in Paradise premier! Thank you for being YOU! You make the world a funnier and better place-never listen to anyone that says otherwise. Shawn is a very lucky man ❤️

  21. monique says:

    Hi Kaitlyn! I thought I read your review of the finale, or was I just dreaming? Anyway, just wanted to say I LOVE following you on Snapchat! You & Shawn crack me up! I always look forward to your posts. My fav was the extended fork, from shortest to longer, with Shawn and Tucker Doodle. I was busting up! Your game night videos w/your mom are the best too! Keep up the great work. Oh, and you and Shawn would be SOOO much better for a reality show than Ben & Lauren.Their show is gonna be so zzzzzzzzzzz (sorry, but it’s the truth!) You & Shawn would KILL the ratings! Take care!

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