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This week is a tag-team blog effort between me and my bestie, Bri. I’m not going to lie, I’ve missed the last two episodes as Shawn, Doodle, and I are making our way to beautiful BC for the summer! My best friend, Bri, has been filling me in on the show. Here’s her recap (and my chime-ins) on the show.

Tag, Bri, you’re in!

B: First things first, I feel like this season has lost its momentum for me as a viewer… It seems like two different seasons in one: The Chad Show and then The Bachelorette! Also, factor in two different Monday breaks and it’s just…dragging…on now. This is not a slag at JoJo at all, but more of the way her season has been presented to us. Straight up snooze fest.

K: I know more than anything (from experience, dude) that JoJo probably just wants this season to end as well. Whatever the outcome, you just want it out there instead of putting your life on pause so the rest of North America can catch up to where you’re at (and have been for a while…) it’s emotionally draining and I want to hug her and tell her to hang in there. So JoJo if you’re reading this, you’ve got this girl.

B: Oh, you didn’t love it when strangers on the Internet would scream at you for “not picking anyone” due to rumours, when you in fact were happily engaged to Shawn?

K: Just as much as I enjoyed reliving and being berated for every decision I had made months ago.

B: You were called everything except boring, so I guess the show went with a new angle this year. Or, maybe The Chad just did so much entertaining that anything would drag after him. I think they could capture my attention more if they cut an hour off the show each week and crammed more into the 60 minutes. By the way, that was ME, Bri, who tweeted last night from Kaitlyn’s Twitter that The Bachelorette this season feels an hour too long each episode. I sign all the tweets I write with my name, Bri, so watch for that next time you feel like chirping Kaitlyn (major key alert: reading comprehension).

With all that said, let’s quickly recap last week… You didn’t miss much, Kaitlyn. Alex and James Taylor finally got cut. Alex didn’t have the chemistry and James Taylor didn’t have anyone left to throw under the bus. Big surprise that those were the two JoJo gave pity roses to the week before…

So that brought us to the final four and hometowns! Kaitlyn, speak up about your experiences during your final four hometown dates as the Bachelorette.

K: I didn’t get those.

B: Right. How about when you brought Chris Soules to your non-hometown of Phoenix, Arizona?

K: Hey, what gives with this show always sluffing my hometown dates?

B: All I remember is feeling like your precious gem of a dad didn’t get enough air time. He deserves his own episode.

K: What a beautiful man.

B: Okay, so let’s sum up JoJo’s hometown dates:

– Chase basically had a therapy session dealing with his parents’ divorce. I felt for him, that’s a tough conversation to have and we like him. Chase was on the case (Paw Patrol reference for the mamas).

– Jordan’s famous NFL star brother, Aaron Rodgers, wasn’t there and they barely mentioned it. Just kidding, it’s all they talked about.

date 1

– Robby possibly broke up with his longtime girlfriend, Hope, just to go on The Bachelorette. Robby was all, “Ohhh, Hope? I thought you said NOPE.”

– And Luke was accidentally cast on The Bachelorette instead of as the romantic male lead in a Nicholas Sparks movie. His full name is actually Luke Pell Eastwood Tatum Hemsworth Gosling.

date 2

Afterwards, JoJo had trouble deciding who to cut so they ended the show as a cliffhanger in an airport hanger. Actually, it was more of a Lukehanger instead of a cliffhanger because nobody is named Cliff…

K: And no one is crying on a cliff this time. Zing! (Hi Chris) 👋🏻

B: Next week there are two episodes…”Fantasy Suites” and “Men Tell All”.

K: Is it sad that I’m most looking forward to Chad returning to the “Men Tell All”?

B: You are not alone in that. I’ll bring the steaks.

K: With a side of whole chicken.

B: Topped with raw sweet potatoes.

K: And a cold cuts salad to start.

B: Sub lettuce with more cold cuts.

K: And pie for dessert.

B: What kind of pie?

K: Chicken pot.

B: Can mine have sprinkles?

K: Only sprinkles of protein powder.

B: That’s a given. And milk to drink because milk is delicious? Did we go too far? Chad would be proud.

K: Yes.



14 thoughts on “MEET THE PARENTS

  1. GrandmaG says:

    I’m with you, Bri, totally boring! I like Chase a lot but think he is too “quiet” for JoJo. Forget Jordan, and I wouldn’t be sure I could trust Robby. And Luke, even though JoJo says she has such a physical attraction to, doesn’t seem to have much personality. I like him, but not sure JoJo could live the kind of life he does, whatever that is. I think what bothers me most is that JoJo keeps saying, “I want to leave here engaged,” instead of “I want to leave here knowing I’ve chosen the man I want to spend the rest of my life with” or “I want to leave her being totally in love and feeling totally loved.” Maybe there is more than the public sees, but I just don’t see any connections in the eyes or expressions, laughter, and the “real thing,” as was always so obvious between you, Kaitlyn, and Shawn.

  2. Lindsay says:

    This is awesome!! Love it and exactly how we all feel!

  3. Taryn says:

    Born to blog. Absolutely perfect. You are everything ❤️

  4. Oregonlakes says:

    Agree I like JoJo but seems a bit dull../.

  5. Chelsea says:

    This was probably one of the best recaps of the show I’ve read. Do this every week. So good!

  6. Cheryl Rannie says:

    Great recap. Love you guys. ❤

  7. Shari says:

    I thought the same thing while I was watching the bachelorette. JoJos season is kind of a “yawn”. And you’re right about Luke haha. Love and greetings from Germany

  8. Tali says:

    Very cute, ladies. I loved the back and forth dialogue between you two.

  9. Jill says:


  10. Luce says:

    Stop skipping weeks on this blog, we miss it to much <3 haha
    Good job once again! Enjoy your vaca' Kaitlyn!!

  11. Erin says:

    PREACH. Is it strange when I was watching I was looking for signs that her hair was falling out like yours did? Not that you could notice at all. PS to sound extra creepy – I was all team kaitlyn when on Chris’s camping date you were super funny and I liked what you wore. Oh, and release some videos of you dancing! I used to be a ballerina. Mkay back to my beer 🙈

  12. Laurel says:

    Fuckin hilarious convo. Enjoyed this more than the regular blog update.

  13. Pav says:

    You guys are awesome and so hilarious, totally agree!

  14. Sam says:

    Such a great recap! Had me laughing the whole time. Also completely agree with your assessment of Luke, where was he during casting for the Notebook!? lol. Thanks Kaitlyn (and Bri!), we love you.

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