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I’m on the move quite a bit these days, and I don’t often have time to pick out the perfect outfit (not sure I would know where to begin anyways!), which is why I’ve become obsessed with jumpers. They’re definitely a favourite summer piece, because it’s an all-in-one outfit that can easily go from day to night (plus, its unrestricting so I can jump around in my jumper all day long).

Barefoot, with flat sandals or a with a pair of heels, this piece is a real treat no matter which way you slice it! Picked some of my favourite jumpers below.

Side note: every time I say the word ‘Jumper,’ the Kriss Kross song ‘Jump Around’ plays in my head. LOVE that song, it’s a win-win.



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10 thoughts on “Jump Around

  1. Minau says:

    Great look for summer!

  2. Lindsey says:

    Where is the dress from that you wore when Shawn met your family?! Loved it!

  3. Laurie says:

    Kriss Kross does not sing “Jump Around.” Their song is called “Jump.” “Jump Around” is by House of Pain. Which one do you mean?

  4. Suzy says:

    Love that floral jumper you are wearing, and the long sleeved one is also stunning!! Need to get 1, but think the stores are full of Fall clothes now!! (From Cowtown)!

  5. Geena says:

    Hi Kaitlyn! I would love to know about what makeup you use- eyes, face, the whole shabang! If you would put that in your blog I will forever worship the ground your feet have walked on. P.s Your face is flawless (Beyoncé style).

  6. Sai says:

    Actually, House of Pain recorded Jump Around. Kris Kross had Jump.

  7. Rabia says:

    Ahh LOVE your shoes Kaitlyn! Also, kudos to you, I can never take a decent jumping pic.

  8. Kelli says:

    I don’t mean to be that person because I absolutely love you Kaitlyn…but I’m old and can remember being in jr.high/high school when it was released…Jump Around was House of Pain and Jump was Kriss Kross –I’m obsessed with music (most all genres) too. I love your jumper, they’re my fave go to summer outfit as well, but I’ll admit, it’s a little awkward when you’re pretty much buck-naked in a public restroom trying to pee. I’m waiting for the day someone busts in in me. Ha!

  9. Chelcey says:

    Ah! This romper is ADORABLE! You can’t really go wrong with something that’s comfortable + makes it look like you actually put some effort into getting ready. 🙂

    Chelcey | http://www.chelceytate.com

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