Romance overload coming in HOT.

First of all, I have to say, you can never have enough time in Paris. I could spend months there. This was my second trip to Paris. My first time was with one of my best buddies who used to live in Germany. I visited him and took in the Christmas markets (just Google German Christmas markets and you will want to go). So, Paris was only a train ride away. We went there for Christmas Eve and we were back in time for Christmas Day. One day in France was such a tease – I knew I had to go back. So, this time I went back with my fiancé and again, it just wasn’t long enough. Short and definitely sweet 🙂


Shawn had never been to Paris. Being Canadian, I tried to show off my second language. French! And by second language, I mean I can say hello, please, thank you, goodbye, and a glass of wine, please. Our driver only spoke French and ALL I had to say was “McDonald’s, please.” (Yes, McDonald’s. We just got off a red eye and we were starving). So, in my best French accent, I said, “McDonalds s’il vous plaît.” Which I know means, “McDonald’s, please.” How could I mess that up? Well, I did and I ended up having to download the Google translate app and have him read it. I failed French, so that makes sense. ANYWAYS…

After our romantic trip to the Golden Arches, we were in desperate need of a sieste (a nap). I used to think of hotels as a fun getaway, but with the number of hotels I’ve seen on The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, and the worldwide tour of Kaitlyn and Shawn, they get old. So, I was so excited to stay in a modern, trendy, and renovated apartment in the cutest little neighborhood. Huge shout out to HomeAway.com for making us feel at home! HomeAway hooked us up with One Fine Stay, who made our journey seamless by picking us up from the airport and getting us checked into our apartment rental. It was such a nice change of pace!

If anyone has a trip to Paris coming up, I would highly recommend this place. It was clean, very chic, and comfortable. We felt like locals. When we woke up (a little later than we expected, it was already supper time!), we walked down this cute little street called Rue Mouffetard, and enjoyed some incredible food, watched some soccer, and then hit a Canadian pub for Canada Day! I knew they had a Canadian pub from the last time I was there and I figured what a great way to celebrate my home country…in France!

In the morning, we Google mapped where the closest coffee shop was and it gave us Starbucks. NO CHANCE we were going to Starbucks for coffee in this city – so we opted for a longer walk and a much cuter cafe. I love walking around in Europe. The architecture is something to see and everything is just so historical and beautiful.

x1 IMG_2735

Speaking of historical, I know some of you saw my Instagram and Snapchat that we got to go to the Eiffel Tower. Ok, we didn’t just get to go there, we got to hang out inside of it, on the second floor, for the HomeAway’s LoveAway party. This blew my mind, because they had turned the second floor into an apartment and held a contest for people to win the chance to stay there. It is an actual HomeAway apartment stay. Could you even imagine? I couldn’t until I saw it with my own eye balls. The party was unbelievable. We took the elevator up to the second floor and when we walked in, there was a DJ, gourmet cupcakes, a beautiful open room overlooking Paris, a little bedroom suite, a foosball table, champagne, an artist painting portraits of the guests, an arts and crafts room, a photo booth…shall l go on? I still can’t get over the experience. The party was all about celebrating love. Could there have been a better setting? I don’t think so, and I just happened to be there with my fiancé. Who I love. So, it was pretty perfect. We enjoyed the music, smooched, sipped champagne and took in the view. We even had the FIRST EVER pillow fight in the Eiffel Tower. We would. It was such a fun event that was just full of love and we definitely embraced the city of romance.



A few cocktails and espressos later, we did some walking around, got some steps in on our fit bits and went for dinner at this place called the Buddha Bar.


I know sushi isn’t exactly French cuisine, but we had done that the night before and I’ll take good sushi any day of the week. No matter what city we are in we always try and squeeze in a cute date night. It never gets old.

Paris is 6 hours ahead of Nashville, so the jet lag was getting to us. We went back to our little apartment to recharge our batteries. Time was going by so fast, it was already time to go home. PS. 3 days in France is ALSO a tease. There’s so much to do in this city.

I purposely booked our flight later so that we could do some exploring in the daytime. We managed to run around the city and even if we couldn’t go into some of the buildings, we can still say we saw them. We went to the Louvre Museum, which is stunning. That’s where the Mona Lisa is. But again, no time to go in and see it. Then we walked down to the Roue de Paris (The ferris wheel) and went for a little ride around! The views from the top of the ferris wheel are incredible. You can see everything. There’s something romantic about a ferris wheel. I don’t know if The Notebook has brainwashed me, but I just love it. (Maybe it helps that I have my real life Noah who likes to be sweet with me). After that, we just walked around taking photos, did a little shopping, and took in the view of the Eiffel Tower – one last time. We are so lucky to be able to do what we do. It’s draining, but worth it! We both always bring something home from the city we were in and add it to our memory jars. Shawn made me one on the show and now we have filled up about four jars and are on to our fifth.

I think that’s how I knew my love for Shawn could last – when I realized I have fun traveling with him. Traveling is stressful, but we do it well. My one complaint about Paris? TOO MANY BIRDS… Other than that? I’ll suffer the jet lag any day of the week.




8 thoughts on “J’AIME PARIS

  1. Faith says:

    So lucky to get to visit Paris! I just used the HomeAway site to book a stay in Maui in September and I can’t wait!

  2. Laura says:

    Love the pics! I was visiting Paris while you were both there and, of course, saw a lot of the same landmarks (super bummed I didn’t spot ya!). Birds are definitely not my worst fear and even I was grossed out. I kept thinking man, Kaitlyn Bristowe would have something to say about this!! haha #PigeonOverload Glad you had a memorable time…Paris is one good reason to be jet jagged 🙂

  3. Christina says:

    Gorgeous photos!

    Did you do your hair yourself, that braided ditty? If so, will you put a tutorial on the blog?

  4. Christina says:

    Where are your outfits from?

  5. Debbie says:

    Don’t visit Venice. Beautiful and I love it but don’t think you could handle the birds!

  6. Jocelyn says:

    Can you please post a pic of your memory jars?!?! 🙃

  7. Amanda says:

    So glad you guys are still together(happily I might add)! Your season was the best!

  8. Jocelyn says:

    Can you please post a pic of your memory jars?!?! 🙃

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