Recently, I teamed up with U by Kotex for the #itsnotmyperiod campaign, that challenges the stigma that women behave and act a certain way because of their periods, not because of who they really are. U by Kotex is an avid supporter of women’s progress and have always been on our side, battling against the stereotypes that come with that “time of the month”. That’s something that strikes a chord with me. I’ve realized that unintentionally, we all contribute to period stigma – and women are as guilty as men.

I had a conversation with my family about my partnership, and my stepmom told me that in the 1950s, female hygiene products were actually put into brown paper bags before being placed on shelves in shopping aisles. Okay, we’ve come a LONG way since this, but period stigma still exists when it comes to using periods to explain a woman’s behaviour and emotions, whether she’s on her period or not. That’s not okay. Periods don’t define women, women do. It’s such a normal and natural part of being a woman and it’s time we start treating it that way.

When I was on The Bachelorette there were so many moments that could’ve been misinterpreted as me being either too bossy or dramatic. What can I say, I knew what I wanted – and I guess that dubbed me as one of the show’s most controversial Bachelorette’s to date. I’ll take it.

I was there to meet my future husband and there was no time for nonsense. I was honest and called it how it was. That didn’t sit well with some people. Honestly, things got a little crazy and emotions ran high. The most difficult part for me were the rose ceremonies. I wore my heart on my sleeve and did my best to be as honest and forthright as possible. I thought I was doing the right thing by not sugar coating my feelings, but my words were misconstrued and some people couldn’t take it. Eyes rolled and others actually said things like “oh, geez she must be pms-ing.” Are you kidding me?

A women’s emotions and opinions should never be brushed off as her experiencing “that time of the month”. The things I felt on that show were raw and I own everything I said and did. That was me. That was not “code red”.

Look around. Women have made such incredible strides forward – but there’s still a long way to go. Before we tackle the larger issues, let’s take a step back and think about how we speak about the simple, everyday things. I want to know if you’ve heard this happen or experienced it personally before. Share with me online using #itsnotmyperiod so together, we can change the conversation!

Because seriously, it’s my sass, #itsnotmyperiod.




  1. Donna says:

    OMG I am a bitch and I don’t even have periods anymore. When someone used to say… Are you on the “rag” I’d say no, but stay clear bitch when I am. bahahahaha

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