The episode started where the last one left off…with Luke telling JoJo he loves her right before she was about to cut him. Turns out, she let him go him anyway and Luke was just as shocked as the rest of us. Like, WHAT?!

This situation really shows that communication is key! JoJo and Luke clearly have different love languages. Yes, I swear by this book…JoJo said she didn’t know where Luke stood, but he thought she was right there with him feeling the same things he was feeling. (I just assumed based on all those passionate make-out sessions). I’m also going to go ahead and guess that Luke’s love language is physical touch and JoJo’s is words of affirmation. Girls, remember I said that if he happens to become the next Bachelor.

Here’s a little insider information. Des, Ali and I were actually there for when JoJo was down to her final 4. Our appearance got cut so they didn’t show it BUT I remember she was really struggling with who she was going to send home. We all need to remember this is about how SHE feels. Not how we feel. So, clearly it was between Robby and Jordan…I asked JoJo, does it really matter who you send home and when if it’s clearly between two others?  It was very obvious to us that it was between Robby and Jordan. This is probably why our part got cut. There was no point in talking about 4 guys when it was between 2.

That goodbye led us to the final 3 and overnight dates in Thailand – where I see it’s sweaty as balls.


First up: Robby, where he received his second spa treatment during the filming of this season… that we know of. Robby used his time with JoJo to attempt to brush the whole ex-girlfriend fiasco under the rug, but to me, he came off like he’s trying waaaaay too hard to seem legit. I’m just getting such an overcompensating vibe, combined with his lines to JoJo that are a little too perfect and don’t quite feel genuine. Especially pulling out a note that his dad “slipped” into his pocket was such overkill. “Look, my dad supports me!” What does that prove? All I saw in that note was his dad saying, “Stick to your plan,” which for all we know could be to become the next Bachelor. Yes, I’m suspicious of Robby. Not trying to be accusatory, I’m just suspicious.

Meanwhile, JoJo certainly isn’t hiding the fact that she has trust issues due to what happened with Ben last season. Has the previous Bachelor/Bachelorette ever been brought up this many times in a season?

So, JoJo is making it clear she won’t drop the L-bomb to anyone (even though she’s getting them from the guys left and right) but she does admit in her ITM that she loves Robby.

Robby accepts the fantasy suite invite and the next morning they wake up to breakfast in bed. Big surprise, they didn’t eat the melons!!

Next up, Jordan and JoJo have a date in a temple where no kissing is allowed. Been there, done that!

FullSizeRender copy
Then, at dinner, JoJo brought up Ben again and worries (out loud) what happened with him last season will happen to her this season. Jordan told her she wants to spend the rest of his life with her and she replied, “Yeah, well that’s what Ben said, too!” If there’s one thing I know, it’s that the new people you’re dating always love it when you imply they’re going to screw you over like your ex did.

Wait, no they don’t. Jordan isn’t Ben. If anything, these guys could have the same fear, that she will fall in love with both Jordan and Robby. Which is kinda definitely happening because she admitted she loves Jordan, too.

It’s funny how you don’t quite understand where the last Bachelor was coming from until you’re the Bachelorette, and vice versa. It’s a unique position. I remember being so confused about what happened with Chris, and then being on the other side saying, OHHHH, I get it now. I’m not sure how to even explain it. Even when Ben saw me for the first time after filming The Bachelor, his first words to me were, “I have so much respect for you.” Because it’s something you can’t understand until you are in it. You’re dating multiple people and continuing relationships when in the real world you would only pursue one. It doesn’t feel right, and you’re hurting people’s feelings, but it’s the nature of the beast. It’s The Bachelorette.

So, Jordan, of course, accepted the fantasy suite invite as well and in the morning JoJo used the same line as she used on Robby…”We’re eating our first breakfast together!” Ooo, wonder which guy will have had his first and LAST breakfast with her, though? Maybe this season she picks both and we have a new show called the Brother Husbands. Get it? Like sister wives? Ya, I’m not on my A game today.

Finally, it was Chase’s date and I loved how playful and silly they were…with “the monkeys, and fisherman, saltwater, and fish.” Gotta love those monkeys! I had one of those dates in Bali with Chris. I thought I was this fearless person and then you put a couple monkeys around me and I’m a sissy pants. I don’t know why they freaked me out, actually they were kind of vicious.Except for this little guy.

FullSizeRender copy 2

Gotta say, not a fan of Robby crashing JoJo’s hotel room while she was getting ready for the second part of her date with Chase. Although, I always look at things differently now. I’m sure the producers had something to do with that one. I always laugh thinking about Sean Lowe running after Emily yelling “EMILY, EMMMMILLLLYYYY”. Haha I bet that wasn’t up to him. Somehow, they have a way of making you think doing something embarrassing on national television will go over well.

Let’s get to the most important scene though, which was so painful to watch. In the fantasy suite, Chase not only told JoJo, for the first time, that he loves her, but he also admitted that he’s never been the one to say it first. Big step for Chase and then suddenly JoJo realized she doesn’t feel the same way?

I think Chase basically summed up the theme of the episode when he said, “You never gave it a chance,” and, “So now love equals get the f*** out?” I guess those lines could have applied to Luke, too. But again, that’s how this show works. You have feelings for these guys because you’re building these relationships, and then have to narrow it down. You have to. Otherwise, how would you find “the one”?

Considering her last experience, JoJo said she didn’t want to blindside Chase and that’s why she decided to let him go in the fantasy suite, but he says she blindsided him anyway. Let me just tell you there is NO good time to end these relationships. Every break up in the final 4 will be a blindside. I was so mad on Chris’ season because I felt blindsided. I didn’t want to do that to anyone. But, I did. Like 5 times. Think about it. You pursue these relationships, you don’t talk to, or see the people you’re dating unless cameras and producers are around. You have little time to figure out if someone could be your husband, so you give it your all in the short time you have.  You talk about love and marriage and how you’re feeling, you don’t give them clues that it’s not right for you. The guys don’t see the other relationships developing so they feel like they’re the only ones. You get a lot of closure as one of the contestants watching the season for yourself. You see so much that you didn’t realize was going on. With all of that being said, I do feel like JoJo is acting too much on what happened last time instead of giving herself a fresh start. She was turned into the Bachelorette SO quickly after heartbreak.

The saddest part was Chase saying he regretted telling JoJo he loved her and that he was embarrassed. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about. It’s better to be heartbroken than to hold back and always wonder what could have been. It was also a classy move to come back and to talk to JoJo the next day. This time with a clear head, after he left angry and shocked the previous night. High five Chase.

I did love Chase’s one liner getting into the van though:

“Is this my fantasy suite?!”

And I also enjoyed seeing Jordan and Robby freak out a little seeing Chase briefly return.

So, it’s Jordan and Robby going into Final 2 next week…but first, Men Tell All tonight! Psshh, Men Tell All, more like Chad Tells All. Can’t wait.





27 thoughts on “IS THIS MY FANTASY SUITE?!

  1. Nikki says:

    I read all of that In your voice! Lol great insight to what they all go through. It can’t be easy and yes we are all different but sending Luke home? Kinda glad now and hoping he becomes the new Bachelor <3 as for JoJo puullllease stop talking about Ben. For real though how many times an episode will she mention his name!

    You, Shawn and Doodle are my favs!! Love you all and wish nothing but the best <3

  2. Tali says:

    Love the last post.

  3. Tali says:

    Loved your blog post

  4. Tali says:

    Wonderful post

  5. Jenn says:

    So think she gave up two great guys Luke n Chase for 2 guys that are both shady n have seem to bring drama with them

  6. Michelle says:

    You are still my most favorite ever!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  7. Hilary says:

    This is all so true, great blog. It is funny to read your post and have been thinking the same things during the episode! I wondered if anyone else was going to catch Jojo saying the “this is our first breakfast together” liner twice.

    I can definitely see how there is no “right” way to do the role of the bachelor/bachelorette, but I really think it is alarming how quickly people, like Robby, can say “I love you’s.” I mean, I guess you would want that confirmation as the bachelorette before they are down on one knee, but I think I would be more concerned with those saying they love me forever & always, rather than those like Chase who are more reserved and rational. Funny how that works out on the show.

    Anyways, great blog! I loved your season and love following you and Shawn. You guys are hilarious!

  8. Sarah says:

    Loved hearing your thoughts, Kaitlyn! Watching the Men Tell All now! You gave words to so many thoughts I had during last night’s episode.

  9. Niki says:

    You have to recap “the Men tell all”! Daniel’s comment lol

  10. Dilyn says:

    Surprise, no one ate the melons!! You just get it, girl. Lol- made me crack up.

  11. Kay says:

    Love your blog!
    I think JoJo needed more time to get over Ben before becoming the bachelorette.
    Robby is the type of guy who tells you everything you want to hear. I say run don’t walk from that.
    Jordan is the guy you fall hard for & then you force him to love you back (may not happen).
    She did not have to give Chase the fantasy suite card offer, especially when she was so far gone with Robby & Jordan. I’m starting to feel this season is all about how many guys JoJo can hear say I Love You.
    I agree with you Kaitlyn, she should pick both. That would be a bachelor / bachelorette first!!

  12. GrandmaG says:

    Big mistakes all over the place. Simply not impressed with they guys or with JoJo. Still haven’t seen any looks, fun, laughter, touching or kisses like these:!lgmsc
    Thanks agentcurls!

    I used to watch these over and over every night, and I still love watching them now. You and Shawn are the bomb! Love the two of you.

  13. Ashley says:

    Gosh, I wish we could be best friends! Love your perspective and writing style!!

  14. Nikki B says:

    My favorite Chase line was “it’s like I pull my pants down and you kick me in the balls”. Haha, it was so true! Poor Chase. Thanks for your recap Kaitlyn, I love how you expose the inner workings of the show. So much insight, you have (in a Yoda voice).

  15. Amp says:

    You are hilarious 😊

  16. Ambar says:

    The final 2 for me were chase and luke. I don’t like Robby, i think he is fake. And Jordan, he Just doesn’t look ready… It must be hard to be in JoJo’s shoes, but I think she didn’t pick wisely.
    Chase was The man for me.
    I agree with this post kaitlyn! 🙂

  17. Deanna says:

    You did it again, great blog. On point with Jojo acting from a place of hurt and in my opinion sent home the best man….#team Chase! I can only wish her well bc she is a beautiful soul and deserves a man who will put her first in his life.

  18. Shannon Pate says:

    That’s hilarious, I said the EXACT line about the “Brother Husbands” thing while I was watching the episode!! Nobody thought it was as funny as I did, so I was glad to read your blog post and see that you thought alike 😉

  19. Brooke says:

    I couldn’t agree more with everything you said! There’s something about Robby that I just do not trust. Everything seems a little too scripted and calculated with him and he just wants to say the “right” thing to get to the next week.

    I also feel like she is so hard on Jordan cause she is scared he is going to hurt her, but she has had the strongest feelings for him since day one! She needs to take the same advice and let herself admit that she loves him and take the risk instead of going with who she feels like is safer. She will regret it!

    Love JoJo and hope she finds happiness like you did!

  20. Nora says:

    Couldn’t agree more! You described it perfectly. I don’t think she got completely over ben. And that made her not enjoying the experience

  21. Jess says:

    Kaitlyn, you’re just so real. You call it how it is and for real I swear we viewed the episode in the same way. I was telling my friend this makes it seem like she’s not over Ben. She’s referred to him constantly this season. I hope it works out for her, but I’m skeptical.

  22. Delaflower says:

    I think the show is all fixed.

  23. Delaflower says:

    I think the show is fixed

  24. Sara says:

    oh my gosh. This was GREAT! Thank you for sharing your perspective on this!!!

  25. Kristen says:

    Prior to Chase’s best line ever (“Is this my fantasy suite”) it shows him cracking a beer and getting into the van. so funny.

  26. Kencia says:

    Love how your so honest… well I think Jojo picked the wrong guy whatching all of the episodes I thought her and chase would of been the best he’s just so down to earth and playful at times idk probably the most real person/normal person she should have never picked jordan only because he I honestly think he was there for fam… they wont honstly last long as we seen on the after the finale rose they were not sitting close really he pets he wtf is that shit and he facial expressions said a thousand words like fuck I messed up and picked the wrong guy on well tho her bad robby ummm no to fake idk Hre best pick would of been Chase I thought there were like just perfect like a match made to be sorry so long ❤

    Love reading your blogs Kaitlyn!!!!

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