The Bachelorette opened up many doors for me – and I’m grateful for that. I watched this season to show my support – I tweeted and blogged to share my take on JoJo and her guys. To be honest, the amount of anxiety it gave me was unhealthy. I know too much about what goes on – and sometimes it’s hard when people’s feelings are involved. I get it, Ben and Lauren have a show coming out and were likely invited to the finale to promote it, but I can’t help and wonder how that made Lauren and Jordan feel…Ben was mentioned throughout this entire Bachelorette season of how he hurt JoJo. I just don’t know how comfortable that could’ve been for anyone. Imagine announcing your engagement with your last ex sitting right in front of you! What about inviting JoJo’s family?

I’ll leave you with that thought. Now, let’s jump into the episode…

It felt like JoJo’s family seemed to really like Robby. It’s hard because they don’t see everything that she sees and when you hear one thing from your family, it can really throw you off. That was probably a little difficult for Jordan to watch. Who else was sitting there patiently waiting for her mom to chug wine out of the bottle?? I don’t know what the hell “spirit animal” even means, but she’s mine.

If anyone is close to their family, like I am to mine, try and imagine being cut off from them while making a life altering decision. It’s so hard. Once you finally see them after 10 weeks, you cherish every single thing they see and feel. All you want is for them to verify everything you’re feeling. I was so thankful for how my family accepted both men, but really saw how I was with Shawn. My dad took me aside and said. “Kate, there was a song on one of the Beatles’ albums called ‘I’ve got a feeling’. And after meeting Shawn, I’ve got a feeling.” My whole family did. And now that JoJo’s family sees the two of them together, I’m sure they have that feeling, too.

I have to say, I didn’t like that Jordan didn’t ask for her parents’ blessing in person. Over the phone just doesn’t feel personal, and I don’t understand why he did that. Was he scared? Too nervous that he forgot? I understand it’s a lot of pressure and an overwhelming situation, but you are kind of there to marry this woman. That shouldn’t be something you forget to do in person.

When JoJo made her decision to let go of Robby, I’m sure it wasn’t easy. It is NEVER a good time to hurt people. Especially when they don’t see it coming. A big part of the show is when the final two go up to propose and keep the viewers on their toes. Who’s going to come out of the limo first and what does it all mean?! I wanted to go talk to Nick and explain it myself, but I wasn’t able to change that particular format of the show. And it did give him the chance to let people hear what he had to say. I still hate the thought of doing that. It’s not fair, but again, that’s the show and that’s why people tune in. JoJo told Robby she wanted it to be him. That’s just not something he needed to hear at that point. You need closure, and closure is not an easy thing to give when you have been through a lot with that person. You get closure when you re-watch everything on the season and see the other relationship develop. I do, however, understand that at that point JoJo just wanted to say anything to make him feel better. It’s hard to find the words to say when someone is fake crying. Haha, sorry Robby. I had to.

Also, Chad I was voting for you to be The Bachelor until your episode on Paradise. It’s not funny anymore.

I’m happy for JoJoJo that they are finally done with having a SERIOUS case of the Mondays and now it’s on to the fun stuff. Here’s my advice for the couple:

– Enjoy traveling together, even when it’s stressful. Plan the plane rides like it’s a date night. Play cards, watch movies, have drinks, and join the mile high club.

– DO NOT let tabloids ruin your relationship. Then the magazines win. And we’re all better than trash mags. The headlines are always the same, and it’s just your faces on them for now.

– Save every little moment together. Keep your hotel cards from everywhere you go, and enjoy the chaos.

– Try not to be on your phones all the time. WE ARE GUILTY OF THIS. We love Snapchat too much.

– Have real conversations about family, babies, weddings, friends, life.

– Go to bed mad. I hate the saying, don’t go to bed mad. DO IT. Because chances are you will wake up over whatever dumb thing it was you were arguing about. Might as well get a good sleep.

– Take this time to actually get to know each other and re fall in love. Buy disguises and go for dinner. It’s the best.

– Write each other sticky notes (Shawn does this for me and it makes my day).

– And just know that all the negatives get outweighed by the positives. I feel so incredibly lucky to have found Shawn.

CONGRATULATIONS JoJoJo! We wish you guys nothing but the best.




  1. Beth says:

    Cute! I love your blunt honesty

  2. Laura says:

    I love you!!! I love what you wrote because I saw you go through so much of this. You and Shawn are so adorable and I still have your season in my DVR……yes, I am crazy! I wish you two would get your own show…..Thanks for writing your blog and sharing your heart!!

  3. Lany says:

    I think Jordan just wanted to make sure he was THE guy Jojo was going to choose. Tbh it’s pretty awkward to ask for your daughters hand in marriage during the first meeting, but then again, he was on the show so he had to do it. I don’t think he’s a bad person for doing it nor do I think it makes him not fit for Jojo. I truley think he has potential to be a good husband for Jojo. They seem very happy together and I wish them all the best. This couple will last! Take my word for it!:)

  4. Elaine says:

    The producers should do that final day in two separate days. How hard that must be to say goodbye to someone you really care about and then immediately pull it together to say yes to the other guy.

  5. Nicole says:

    This is the best. I get why they had Ben and Lauren there too so they can promote their show and can I say why are they even getting a show I think they are so boring and are “faking” their relationship if anyone it should be you and Shawn getting your own show. Anyways back to what I was saying it’s hard enough facing the man you just let go but to add another who broke your heart just a couple months back is not ok. They should have had both their families their as they came out to public for the first time as an engaged couple so I agree with you there. But anyways I love reading all your post you are so amazing and such a genuine person. I was rooting for you and Shawn from the beginning and can only hope you will have a bachelor wedding because I would love to see that and SOON!!!!

  6. Wendy Boudreau says:

    First of all..I LOVED YOU AS THE BACHELORETTE!!! You were SO real!! Damn those haters and their evil horrible disgusting comments. You were completely open and honest about what you were feeling!! I mean HONESTLY….how many girls WOULDN’T want to know what their guy was like in bed before chosen him to be “THE ONE”?? All the other girls probably DO have sex but they just pretend they don’t (which is TOTALLY fake! I LOVE your sense of humour….I literally laughe’d my ass off half the show lol! And u don’t know if it’s because I am also Canadian but HOW can people NOT understand or “get” what you’re saying lol. Like others here I totally agree that Ben and Loren ARE boring but you & Shaw would be SO GREAT at having your own show!!! #1CanadianFan

  7. Jeanetta says:

    Kaitlyn, I just wanted you to know you were by far the best bachelorette yet. You and Shawn are perfect and following you both on snapchat cracks me up. Anyways I love reading your blog. Agree on the Chad thing, he was hilarious but now he is just out of control! I’ve always wondered if the show has people act crazy like that for ratings and entertainment. Either way he is out of control

  8. Jody says:

    Kaishaw! Maybe, maybe not. I’m so happy you mentioned Ben & Lauren being there. It seemed really awkward. Thank you for sharing some real insight to the show, it helps to make it more real.

  9. Marissa Droessler says:

    You are always one of my favorites! Always rooting for you two!!

    If you are ever in Iowa, my fiance and I would love to meet you out for a drink or two!

    Haha. Best wishes and love to you!

  10. Brianna S says:

    I love how real and honest you are. Your snapchat stories make my day. I liked your advice to JoJoJo. It still makes me sad I missed you in Nashville when I was there:( Have a great day:)
    Thanks for blogging

  11. Ashley Hodge says:

    I think you and Shawn should be the ones getting a reality show. Way more entertaining!

  12. Barb says:

    I’m really glad you found your true love! Ignore the haters! It’s good that JoJoJo can now get on with their lives and find some normalcy. I agree, stay away from the tabloids.

  13. dina says:

    I love you. Please never give up on your love. I really wish you guys all the best and pray for your happiness.

  14. KK says:

    Well said! I have to tell you that I think I love you and Shawn more and more as time goes on – not that I ever didn’t love you! Thanks for being real. Thanks for being a source of joy in sharing your love story! Thanks for getting that Pink song on permanent re-play in my head – visualizing your awesome dance moves! Though I know I don’t know you,, I really do love y’all! All the best!

  15. Really loved reading this! You’re hands down my favorite Batchlor/batchlorette!

  16. Natalie says:

    Okay Kaitlyn I genuinely want to know (so I can plan it myself,) HOW does one join the mile high club on a public flight? Wouldn’t you have to book a first class ticket on an Airbus A380 which is like $5000 a person? Lol. PLEASE. Let me know how this is done. Even google didn’t really help.

  17. Nancy says:

    This post just reaffirms why I love and admire Kaitlyn.she is just so raw and real. I kept checking your blog waiting for this post and it was worth the wait. Great job love.. My only thing is why did Ben and Lauren get a spin off show.. I’m happy for thm but I’m not sure if they have much entertainment value, they do seem in love but they come across stiff… I would prefer to watch Kaitlyn and Shawn like I do on Snapchat lol or jojo and Jordan just because I feel it will be more of a honest and… Anyway those are my thoughts no offense to anyone .. Kaitlyn I wish you all the best…you’re such a rock star..god bless love

  18. Paige says:

    I feel like Ben and Lauren got a spin off show because bach-nation sorta lovedddd Ben so much. So they knew it’d get good ratings bc Ben was sorta like the creme of the crop in recent bachelor history.

    However, I loved Kaitlyn like a million times more than I’ve ever loved anyone on the bachelor franchise. So girl – if you’re ever in Houston… idk. I’m not like leaving my number here or anything, but we’d have so much fun going out! hahah. (24f, not a creepy dude).

  19. Nicole says:

    Love you & Shawn!!! You were the best bachelorette because you were so honest!! So happy you guys are still together & hope it’s a lifetime!! Your snapchats crack me up, big mug guy!! 😂😂

  20. Laurel says:

    No, Natalie. Go to the fucking bathroom. Then ten seconds later have your bf follow you then bang. There. You’re in the mile high club.

  21. Dawn says:

    I was hoping you would voice your opinion on Ashley I’s rude comments about them being fake. You know, since she knows about true love and all never having a boyfriend at her age. Does one even have to wonder why? Anyway, do you find her jealous comments inappropriate, in your opinion, when the “Bachelor Family” should all be supporting one another?

  22. Cassie says:

    Love you! I was SOOOO excited to see you as bachelorette, loved EVERY second of your season, and love your outlook on life, love, TV etc. Keep being you and thanks for letting us all in on the fun!

  23. Gigi says:

    Hi! So I watched the bachelorette for the first time this season because I’m really not a huge believer 😁 But I have stalked you and Sean after hearing more about other seasons (I’m not even embarrassed about it) and I think you guys are hilarious. Seriously. You’re so real, both of you and down to earth! I need a YouTube show!! That would be soo entertaining! Plus you’re my “spirit animal” with your love for wine💃

  24. Maddie says:

    You are so awesome and real talk I just wish I was your friend. You and Shawn are the best.

  25. Nora says:

    I am so upset that these assholes have zero respect for you! You deserve the world. Just know we love you and support you. Always.

  26. Janine says:

    YES!!! Thank you for pointing out the whole Ben being there thing. Absolutely ridiculous and not considerate at all. But the bachelor is all about ratings. We have always known that…and lately with what’s gone on with Chad it’s gotten to a point where they clearly don’t care if someone is mentally unstable if it means more viewers for them. Anyhow. Love you kaitlyn. Always have. Love to you and Shawn
    From a fellow Canuck

  27. Susan says:

    I freakin love you Kaitlyn. Your snaps are hilarious and you and Shawn are so adorable! So glad you called robbie out on his fake crying. I felt the same way about chad,he’s ridiculous. Thanx for sharing💛

  28. Diana says:

    My reactions about Ben and Lauren being there, and Nick’s fam being there at yours, I were the same. I love the show but sometimes the decisions they make confuse me, at the cost of people’s real feelings and for very little. Maybe they get a few more viewers out of it? Idk but doesn’t seem worth it.
    This is what I texted my friend during AFTR: “Ben and Lauren have their own show seriously??!! That’s going to bore my eyes out!!!!! Katelyn and Shawn need their own show! THAT I would watch every second of.”

    Anyway, I think you’re so awesome and an inspiration to me and other women. You are fierce, kind, secure, and smart. Your wedding better be on ABC!! But if it’s not, don’t let the bastards get you down. It’s their loss. You’re a doll.

  29. Kalei says:

    I’ve always thought you were great – candid, down to earth, and hilarious (I’ve used the right seal joke many times). I can’t imagine what it would be like to do the show and to have the backlashes. Regardless of the injustices of the show and tabloids, you continue to be my fav snapchat to follow. If I had a jeep and lived in Canada, I’d give you the two finger nod wave. Keep on keepin on girlfriend. Much love.

  30. Lai says:

    You are as real as it gets. It kind of sucks watching The Bachelorette now because everyone seems so fake to try and maintain their ‘image’. Honestly, I do see how reality TV can be tempting for someone to try and appear ‘perfect’ to avoid a negative public perception. But that’s why I have even more respect for you two, because you guys realize that being true to yourself outweighs any of that. So keep on being you because you have people that will always support you no matter what! xo

  31. Cayla says:

    Kaitlyn, you are one of the realest people I have ever seen come through the bachelor/bachelorette. I love your humor and honesty. So happy that you and Shawn found eachother because you guys seem great together.

  32. Karina says:

    You always have the BEST recaps! I love every piece of your advice. Always been #teamkaitlyn

  33. Lina says:

    You are so cute, Kaitlyn! I don’t think there will be a couple in the bachelor/bachelorette better than you and Shawn. I love you both and I admire your relationship!

  34. Sazan says:

    didn’t you think that it was totally unnecessary for Chris Harrison to talk about Aaron Rodgers about 50 times, like yeez it’s personal & made both jordan and Jojo uncomfortable. You’re right about Robby faking the tears for sympathy; maybe a plot to become the next bachelor? I also think that they should have invited you and shawn over ben & lauren, like it made no sense to why they were there over you guys. Overall, I feel like it was a beautiful proposal and you can defintely see the love they have for each other.

  35. Kimma says:

    Oh Kaitlyn. Thank you so much for always keeping it real. I agree with everything you said here. And I too was rooting for Chad! UNTIL I saw him in Paradise. Dude is just not okay. I really do hope he gets help. But anyway, congrats to JoJo and Jordan, and I hope you and Shawn are happy and just as in love now as ever!

  36. Callie says:

    Jordan explained why he didn’t ask her parents…he didn’t forget. He wasn’t sure where Johi’s head was regarding him and since there were still 2 guys he felt it was inappropriate at that time. He admits now it looked bad and made Jojo sad but he had a good honest reason.

  37. Kellie says:

    Jordan said he didn’t ask them in person because “it didn’t feel like he imagined it to be.” Eeekkkk, that was awkward!

  38. Karly says:

    Love love LOVE you and Shawn!! 😘

  39. Abby says:

    I prefer “JorJo”! 😀

  40. Gabrielle says:

    Completely agree with the entire Ben and Lauren situation!

    However, with Jordan’s decision to not ask her father on that day, I do understand. He said many times how he’s dreamed of the day he’ll ask his future father in law for the love of his life’s hand in marriage. It is a day and moment that is very significant and important to him, just as important as getting down on one knee and proposing to that woman. In the same sense that a man says “I’ll only get down on one knee once in my life” is the same reason Jordan hesitated and didn’t ask JoJo’s father on that day. Had he experienced that moment that he’s always dreamed about and then NOT been the one she picked, that moment would have been ruined for him. He would have been robbed of HIS dream to ask his future wife’s father. His hesitation, in my opinion, was very justified by his feelings that he had made known. Now he did end up asking before he knew 100% it’d be him anyways, but I feel that after his discussion with JoJo and seeing how that affected her and their relationship he decided it was worth the risk of losing that moment for himself.

    With all of that being said, I was quite disappointed that neither of their families were there for After the Final Rose.

  41. Halima says:

    On one of Jordan’s snapchat he said jordelle or Jodan! For their ship name! I think I like jojojo and jordelle what about u guys?

  42. Erin says:

    Why am I misty-eyed over your couples advice?! I am obsessed with the pure love you and Shawn possess. I don’t think any other couple I have seen is such a testament to loving the other just the way they are.

  43. Diana Celesti says:

    Well Done Kaitlyn! Totally agree with your Blog. Love your Snapchats high light of my day.
    Jojo’s doing a good job also now! xx

  44. Jackie says:

    You’re such an incredibly REAL person. Classy, witty, & beautiful. Truly the best “bachelorette” there’s ever been! Continue being above all the haters, believe in the strength of you and your relationship. You guys have an amazing future ahead ❤️

  45. Nikole says:

    Kaityln-I read an article the other day that had your name listed as “the worst bachelorette ever” and JoJo listed as one of the best and my reaction was WTF?!?! I assume it is because of what happened with Nick was probably appalling to some of the older viewers…but JoJo as one of the best? When you were bachelorette, you were so genuine, truly put yourself out there, and there was no doubt that you were serious about finding love. What happened with Nick-TOTALLY get it-and if you hadn’t of done it, the need to scratch that itch may have not allowed you to see and feel clearly. Plus, the way Shawn responded to the situation tested your relationship in a real way. It made y’all stronger in a way the most couples never face on the show.

    I watch every season, and in my opinion JoJo lacks the depth and character that you posses. It was like she didn’t start taking it serious herself until she was down to the final 6. Before that it was party time. I doubt that in a year, her and Jordan will still even be together. But hey, if thats the type of guy she wants, it just shows what kind of person she is.

    All the best to you and Shawn, probably the best, realist, and most loving couple to ever come out of this show. Always cheering you on–Stay classy and sassy, you are an inspiration.

  46. Steph says:

    SO glad you said something about Robby’s fake crying… how are people not talking about it more?! You’re the best.

  47. Nancy Patterson says:

    Kaitlyn and Shawn ,your genuine real people. Thanks for being in the limelight and sharing your lives with us!!
    I try to check in daily and I have to say today’s got me cracking up as do most all your posts!
    Wishing you both happiness and joy as you bring that to others that are fortunate
    enough to watch.
    Oh love your parents too! Tell them they raised a great daughter. 💕

  48. Allison says:

    Ben and Lauren are soooooooo boring. I’d rather watch you and Shawn on a television show!!

  49. Jamie says:

    I’m so glad that I’m not the only one who thinks Kaitlyn and Shawn NEED a show! (Forget about Ben and Lauren!) I seriously love watching you guys on snapchat, I end up cracking up. You guys face swapping is the best. <3

  50. jasmine says:

    Ben and Lauren will do anything for fame and a paycheck. I don’t think their relationships seems genuine. I do not want to watch them they are just so boring, simple, plain jane. I can’t picture them doing anything that will bring me to watch a second episode. I call mid season cancellation.

    Ben and Lauren are just too safe, too christian, predictable, and boring. The fact that they agreed to be on Jojos episode makes them seem shallow, self centered, and money hungry. I don’t buy the “perfect relationship” they want to show the world one bit.

  51. Carolyn says:

    I like your advice to Jojo and I’m taking some of this advice for sure. This is my top 6. Easier said than done of course, but I gotta try.
    1. Help your guy feel good about himself, as a man, so he can grow.
    2. Be quick to forgive and say sorry. ALL couples fight, this is human. We all just have to work through it.
    3. Communication has to be open and direct. I “feel upset/sad/happy” …etc. The passive aggressive style that hides feelings, leads to miscommunication and a lack of trust in relationships.
    4. NO fear about love fading. Love is essentially giving, so if you are giving it won’t fade.
    5. Challenge yourself to be a good person, learning, and working on projects to grow as a human being.
    6. What is yours is mine and mine is yours. No division. Sharing.

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