Hello Vancouver!

After quite the journey, I’m back in Canada, my hometown of Vancouver. Anyone who knows me knows how much I love home… hence my tattoos of sparrows that symbolizes always returning to where you come from. My family is everything, and nothing could have helped me along the way as much as my family and friend’s support (except maybe for all of the wine–just kidding–kind of).

I’ve always been a big fan of traveling, and after going through a season of The Bachelorette on the heels of my stint on the Bachelor, I definitely felt TOTALLY alone at times. But thanks to this crazy technology we have these days, I was able to check in and re-ground myself throughout some of the tougher moments (enter Ian– but we’re over that).

Kaitlyn Blog 1-2

In my time as the Bachelorette, a lot of people asked me about my fashion choices, and wanted to stay updated on what I’ll be up to. Even though I NEVER would have imagined being a fashion inspiration (like…what?! I feel like some days I’m wearing two left shoes), I wanted to share my finds with you all, and to create a space for you to check in with me. I can’t tell you how much your support has meant to me during this time, and I truly want to return the favour, somehow (even if that means attempting to give you fashion advice).

Here’s to always flying back where we belong, and in the words of the incomparable Kenny Chesney, always remember to ‘get it while you can, take it to the limit, live out every single minute while you’re in it!’




36 thoughts on “Hello Vancouver!

  1. JV says:

    I’m dying for the boots you wore in the latest episode! They’re chunky-heeled black with maybe a chain on the back? You wore them on the lawn on your date with Nick, Joe and Sean. Love them sooo much and love your style! If you could tell me where you got ’em I’d appreciate it so much!! Xo

  2. WHITNEY says:

    id also love to know , as well as tan one u were on home date with shawn ?

  3. Rabia says:

    Seriously, you are my favorite bachelorette ever! May you never lose your sense of humor or sharp ability to see through guys and their bullshit.


  4. Carmela says:

    Hey Kaitlyn.

    Just wanted to know where you bought that hat that you were wearing in Vancouver when you went out with Jillian to the concert? Super adorable. Love to know 🙂 Thanks hun!!! Xo

  5. Catia says:

    I must admit, the way you handled all the controversial issues that arose from this season was amazing. To not let what thousands of people say about you affect you…I admire that quality. Keep your head up and don’t stop making everyone laugh! You’re awesome!

  6. Lisa says:

    You are so perfect don’t let anyone get you down

  7. Ivette says:

    So special! The World needed to watch such a natural girl like you!!thanks for sharing about you, wish for you ALL the BEST” Be Happy !!!!!

  8. Kim says:

    From one vancouverite to another,u rocked the bachlorette! Looking forward to checking out your website.

  9. sarah pham says:

    hey kaitlyn you probably see me a lot on your instagram feed @_sarahh_bear and on twitter @sarahpham13 anyways you inspire me to be a better and a stronger person in life im only 16 with a lot to learn but I have one question for you sweet girl who ever you choose i hope its the guy everybody likes but do you see yourself marrying your final pick? because im tired of the hate that’s coming from people saying that you were in it for fame not for marriage i really want to see you get married and have kids with your final pick, i know you came here for the right reasons anyways i love you so much hope your really happy and F***** the roaches hehehe and one more thing would love if you followed me on twitter

  10. Annamae says:

    Total support from one Canadian woman to another. Best of luck!

  11. Bobby Mayo says:

    Wishing you the best for everything. Keep in touch with your fans after all of this is over.

  12. Laura says:

    I want info about this ring you are wearing!!! I love it!!!

  13. Diana says:

    So happy you have your own site for this! I absolutely love your fashion and love you!! Love watching you on the bachelorette! Keep smiling and stay being you:)

  14. Casey says:

    I’m such a fan! You’re adorable and real and I’ve loved watching you as the Bachelorette! Wishing all good things for you from Wisconsin, U.S.:)

  15. Lizzi says:

    Hey Kaitlyn-

    The dresses you wear on the show are gorgeous! Love your sense of humor! Best of luck to you!

  16. Theresa says:

    Kaitlyn!!!! I am so excited you have a blog! I Love your fashion sense and the person you are. Dont ever change! Xoxo

  17. Anonymous says:

    Kaitlyn. Sending tons of love and good vibes your way!

    You are as authentic as they come- none of that cookie-cutter, do-as-you’re-expected-to nonsense.

    I wish they would have focused a little less on the drama, you looked exhausted and I got exhausted for you at times, but I guess they wouldn’t be able to call it “the most dramatic season ever” with out it 😉

    Keep fightin’ the good fight! I got yo back home-skillet!


  18. Emily Slayton says:

    You’re crazy awesome, Kaitlyn!! I love watching the show, I think you’re the best bachelorette 🙂 You have awesome style, keep being you and making others laugh!! Xoxo

  19. Brittang says:

    Kaitlyn!! So excited for this site & to get to learn more about you! Could you please do a breakdown of your skincare routine & products?!! It would mean the world to me!!

  20. I love that you started a blog! I want to raid your closet 😉

    Also, I’m a Vancouver girl too (currently living in Alberta) but can’t wait to get back there in a few weeks. There’s nothing better than the feeling that comes with being home.

  21. Sara says:

    I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS. You embody the style that I want, but can never know where to get it. I would also love to “interview” you. Not particularly having to do with the Bachelorette, but we could talk about it 🙂 I really love talking to people and would love to have the chance to talk to you!

    And if we are talking fashion, I would love to know where you got this one gray halter crop top you wore in one of the Bachelorette episodes.

    Welcome to the world of blogging! <3

  22. Pamela Hayes says:

    I am literally sick to my stomach for fear you will pick Nick. I have thought he is the creepiest guy that has EVER been on the show and I have watched every single one of them I am 60 yrs YOUNG! Been, there done that, I know the pick has been made but I am praying for you. Nick is exactly what Shawn and EVERYONE else said he is…. a smooth talker. The one thing I cant believe that you could be with a man who has his fingers in his mouth more than he has food. That should show you who he is with just that, grow up boy! I want to say “get your fingers out of your mouth and talk”! Hope its not too late! Best wishes to you!

  23. meghan says:

    I just want you to know how awesome you’ve made this season for me to watch. Im not a huge fan of the show but i got sucked in this season :)You’re honest, sincere, HUMAN, & come on guys!! Who wouldn’t want to kiss a handful of hot guys when your SINGLE?! People hate, but what matters is you knowing who you are & feeling the love coming your way instead. You’re beautiful & vulnerable & fierce Kaitlyn! All beautiful qualities. Just read the love and eff the rest of them!

  24. Maria says:

    Aahhh! I’m so excited that you’re sharing your style finds with all of the internet! I’ve never watched The Bachelor before, until this last one with Chris…and when I saw you on it, I totally had a girl crush on you (& your laugh haha). You’re beautiful, funny, and let yourself be vulnerable. I hope you find Love on the show, even if it’s not the man you’re going to marry. You deserve love and to Be loved! All the best to you!

  25. Mary sajolga says:

    Im just thinking if its true or not that u and shawn they broke up??? Cause ive heard people talking about break up and the show has still airing and go on..,they said fake relationship i just dont know wat is going on….,but now i read it on your blog first u said “After quit the journey” is it true kaitlyn??? I wish n i hope dats not true cause i luv u both so much..,:D

  26. Lisa says:

    Kaitlyn you have easily become my favorite bachelorette to date! I love how real you are and it is refreshing! You are inspiring! I love your humor and care free attitude. So glad you started a blog I love your style and look forward to keeping up with you on this journey called life. xoxo

  27. Lisa says:

    Girly, please tell me you don’t pick Shawn. I’m really worried if you do. 🙁 He seems to jealous & hot tempered. He doesn’t seem to be able to calmy discuss problems. I use to be in a relationship w/ a posessive man like that & trust me its not emotionally healthy.

  28. Stacey says:

    So Shawn was on my flight yesterday & told me he was on his way to see you

  29. Vanessa says:

    Sooo awesome that a fellow Vancouverite is the Bachelorette. Just want to say that you rock and holla at me if you want some new ink!

  30. Kens says:

    I never reached out to a public figure before, but it broke my heart seeing you upset about what people were saying . It amazes me how many people are so quick to form a opinion about you when most of them have done the same things. People are so quick to judge because of their own insecurities. Your doing a great job with the choices that your making, and remember what works for you works for you. Your awesome girl and if the public can’t see that then that’s their problem. Keep rocking and doing your thing!! If not you always have Wine 🙂 cheers!!!

  31. Rae says:

    Kaitlyn- I love love love your style! My sister and I are currently working on a fashion blog called R•A•W. We want to inspire women to be themselves and comfortable with their style.

    Please share where you find good deals and your staples/must haves.

    How would you describe your style?

    What’s the best advice you could give women when it comes to fashion?

  32. jasmine says:

    Hey. I just want to say that you are everything I would want in a best friend…. not being creepy…. what I mean is.. you are kind, considerate, compassionate, fun, and just an all around good person. Don’t let the people that see something in you that they wish they were bring you down. That is on them to figure out why they are lashing out at someone they don’t know. And I promise it’s because of their own insecurities. Stay yourself! You are a great portrayed of how to live life well.

  33. Alicia Schroeder says:

    Hi Kaitlyn,
    I never have written a public figure before because I know you all get so many messages that I don’t know that you will ever see this but I just feel like I had to write you.
    I just wanted you to know that I think you are an excellent role model to so many people and that the strength you have proven you have is so admirable. I can’t even imagine how tough a normal season of the Bachelorette would have been but I think we can all agree the hate you have received this season is absolutely over the top. I can not wrap my head around the fact that so many people take time to write horrible messages to you to try and hurt you or bring you down and I think that makes me and probably a lot of other people a little worried for the world we live in. You are beautiful and you are REAL and we all do make mistakes.. that’s what makes us who we are.
    I just wanted to say that I hope you are happy with your life now and to keep staying strong because there ARE many people out there who look up to you. I always wonder why the stupid /rude people have to be the most vocal and I ask myself every time I see the same comments over and over about you.
    Best of luck to you and thank you for sharing your experiences with us.
    PS- Canadians are the best 🙂

  34. Louisa says:

    Love this! Your mom’s story in her own words in the “How my mother learned self su&2yciencif#82f1; link was great, too. Hope she enjoys her birthday.

  35. Kc says:

    I absolutely loved your snake ring you wore on MTA, who is the designer?

  36. latanja says:

    hey kaitlyn how are u

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