Hey guys! Sorry I couldn’t live tweet. I was too busy nursing my #BieberFever.

Well, well, Wells…do you need a map? Since you clearly can’t find your way out of the friend-zone.

At the beginning of this episode, which took place in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Chris Harrison mentioned they’ve hit the halfway point this season. It also hit Wells that he hasn’t even kissed JoJo yet. Poor Wells put so much pressure on himself to make that happen during his one-on-one with JoJo, his first ever date with her! Andddd his last.

At this point in the process, so many relationships are already starting to develop and get serious making it difficult to start something from scratch so late in the game. So, even though Wells finally kissed her, the connection was not enough for JoJo to continue pursuing. Also, for Wells to tell JoJo that today finally felt like his “Day 1”, when she’s already close to “overnight dates level” with some of the other guys (ahem… LUKE…), it’s just too little, too late. Wells shouldn’t be surprised that JoJo let him go.

It sort of reminded me of my time with Chris (cupcake).

Except, in this situation, there were far less tears from Wells… but, not quite as much sweat as me in Bali when I was on The Bachelor. ZING. I just zinged myself. Sometimes, there isn’t time to build romance. Sometimes, you know you care about someone, like I cared about cupcake, but in a different way. Chris is still to this day a great friend of mine.

Onto the group date with Luke, Jordan, Alex, Robby and a very self-conscious James Taylor. James went into the date feeling like he was surrounded by a bunch of sexy front runners, but that he wasn’t one of them. It’s hard being compared to other people. I know from experience. You’re all dating the same person, who would enjoy that?

jojo blog 2

However, I didn’t agree with how James handled it. At one point, when they were alone, JoJo noticed he was “off”. Instead of just telling her he felt down about himself, he decided to throw Jordan, who he probably sees as his biggest threat, under the bus. James warned JoJo that Jordan can come off as entitled and bossy and insinuated he’s there for fame. Yikes.

You can tell JoJo doesn’t love it when anyone messes with Jordan, so she wanted to hear his side of the story too, and in doing so, had to let Jordan know James was the one who told her. I’m sorry, but not everything you tell The Bachelorette will necessarily be in confidence. In my season, when Joshua told me that all the guys on my season were lying to me, I had to bring it up to the group. The biggest decision of my life was on the line! So I get why JoJo had to tell Jordan what James said about him…

Of course, this led to an awkward moment afterward when Jordan and James were sitting together on the couch. At first, Jordan was silently fuming and James was playing dumb, but Jordan finally let him have it. In the end, both of them left roseless anyway as Luke was the one who got the group date rose because DID YOU SEE THAT MAKE OUT?

With that said, I would have rather seen James open up about himself. I really think he should have just honestly told her he was feeling insecure instead of trying to bring someone else down. Whether he was right about Jordan’s attitude or not.

The final date was another two-on-one and the second one this season. This time, nobody was going to be lurking in the woods afterwards. Yes, the same rules applied – one stays and one goes. At least Derek got a ride home. Oh, Derek…He went into this two-on-one so confident, but JoJo was concerned he was falling behind since their first date (the first of the season).

Meanwhile, she was worried that Chase wasn’t as into her as she was into him. He was shocked that JoJo was even questioning his strong feelings for her, but I totally get it. JoJo is right when she says The Bachelorette needs validation and reassurance, too! I know when we were on the show, I needed that with Shawn. And even after. Just because you’re the “lead” doesn’t mean you aren’t human.  It goes both ways.

I have to say though, how perfect was incorporating that performance of ‘Don’t Cry For Me Argentina’ while Derek was trying not to cry in the car ride home? Nailed it.

At the rose ceremony, Chase and Luke went in with roses, Robby and Jordan were each given a rose, and then JoJo left the room before “the final rose”. What a great psych out! James Taylor and Alex were both so worried that it meant they were both going home, but she actually returned with an extra rose so they could both get one. Daww!

Sweet James Taylor was the happiest kid in the candy store about it, however, Alex found it insulting. He called it a “pity” rose, adding he wants a one-on-one date to prove himself. Careful what you wish for…I predict a one-on-one date will go about as well for Alex as it did for Wells.

Next week is the episode before hometowns, where JoJo will have to make major cuts in order to decide whose families she wants to meet. Maybe if she’s lucky, they’ll actually be in their hometowns…

Until next week!



11 thoughts on “DON’T CRY FOR ME ARGENTINA

  1. Shanelle says:

    Jojo is seriously damaging her relationship with jordan if that’s who she really wants. She keeps questioning him and saying things like I trust James and believe him so did you do that? Totally accusing even if it’s true which I believe it is, I think she is stupid. Then GO for someone else dumb dumb.

    Robby is way overconfident. Did you catch when he said beautiful place and beautiful people? And when she said Robby!! When he was holding the dancer. He’s a playboy and feels swarmy to me. But again she goes for the guys she can’t get to settle down with her in real life. Silly silly girl! I felt bad for her honestly.

    Wells … WOW. You practically beg him to kiss you by your body language and when he finally does then you ask him to tell about his ex girlfriend and he does and then you dump him because you believe the romantic part lasts forever the butterflies and such, wow. The bestfriend and love of your life and flutters still happen but not the crazy butterflies like when your first meeting someone. He’s a realist. She’s out to lunch.

    James. So sweet but so sad to see him continually bring up that he isn’t as good looking as the other guys. We don’t think that until you keep dragging yourself down. Again Jojo not trying to be hard on you but James.. Derek… those are the kinds of guys that would love her but she is all about the chase.. the guys that don’t want her and are above her in looks and I honestly after this episode felt so bad for her poor choices.

    I love that Alex called it what it was a pity rose at the end instead of saying so glad to get a rose like they usually do when last picked.

    Lastly.. chase and Derek..
    SUPER disappointed in her choice. Chase flat out doesn’t like her like she likes him and when she again begs

    or him to tell her what she wants to hear she gets her way and kisses him. But it wasn’t genuine. He was searching for words he paused it koojed so uncomfortable!! And forced!! Common theme with Jojo shes forcing chase and jordan to say things they are not feeling. I believe they like her but I think they think they can do better. Derek actually made chase nevrroua in the dancing sxene cause of his confidence I loved that!! She could have a good thing with Derek and I think he would be good to her (James too) but unfortunately she’s not the sharpest tool in the shed and picked a man that doesn’t want her that she just wants in the fantasy suite. Really disappointed this week in her choices.

    I also think she could have a good thing with Luke but she won’t. Shell pick on of the three best looking play boys.

  2. Amanda M says:

    Right on. Jordan is as transparent as they come–he even talks with producers in a way where he knows he’ll get extra airtime. She likes players/egotistical guys and sadly she will continue that pattern on the show when she has a shot with better guys.

  3. Gigi says:

    I 100 percent agree with you. Jojo enjoys the chase and begs for Chase and Jordan to like her. She doesn’t seem to be looking for a life partner who would adore and love her more. Instead, her choices seem superficial and forced. She still stuck in that high school phase of wanting the hot popular player types. I wanted her to have a love match like Ryan and Trista. Trista chose someone that has a beautiful soul who adored her. Too bad it’s not going to end well for Jojo.

  4. Chasity says:

    I predict Jordan and Luke in the finals. My top 2 anyway! Pretty confident Jordan will win in the end. Just the way they are with one another. Kinda always been the front runner! Hopefully all this crap they are writing about him being a “ladies man” turns out to be untrue.

    But enough about Jo Jo and her men! Totally loved you and Shawn together from the start! He’s so damn sexy girl! So happy to see you guys making a go of it! Best of luck~!

  5. Kayla says:

    Kaitlyn!! You are killing these recaps, I love it. This season has been crazy and filled with lots of jealousy.. I really hope Alex goes home next week though, because I don’t know how much more of his attitude I can take. I felt bad James was feeling down and a little insecure about himself, but that doesn’t give you the right to throw someone under the bus like he did.. Poor Jordan :(. I think a lot of people may agree that Jordan is there for fame, but I think those assumptions hurt him a lot and he really does care about JoJo.. Poor guy. Can’t wait for next week AND for more JoJo and Luke time!! Kaitlyn, you’re hilarious & I love you and Shawn & all your snapchat posts LOL. Looking forward to your next recap!

  6. Jackie says:

    James pity party is getting tired. Wasn’t a fan of Jordan until I saw his Instagram. Older post, pre-bachelorette dancing with the family. they look like a fun group. he may be ready to have the life his parents have

  7. Jackie says:

    meant to add whenever someone say the get excited like high school over someone on this show, that is who they pick … she has said that several times about Robby so I think she goes for him then we find out he really did break up with a girl to be on the show and that ia what the sneak peek of her crying is about .. do we know if Robby is sporting a comb over? for you younger girls that means he is combing his hair over to hide a bald spot… it’s disturbing

  8. JessVess says:

    Haha. Hometown dates in their actual hometowns!? Dang, must be nice!!! 😉

    So, why did they scratch your hometown dates, Kaitlyn? I’ve always been curious.

  9. Thelma says:

    I love that Chase didn’t tell her what she wants to hear like Jordan does if you not feeling it yet. Chase is the only one not falling over himself saying premature I am falling in love or love Jojo yet just to get a rose. He is the most real and raw about how he is feeling. He said he can see love happening between there. Sometime I wonder if we are watching the same show.Derick was saying all the right things just to win and he came off insincere.

  10. Anon says:

    I hear Robbie is gay! Who knows…but then again, who doesn’t introduce family after dating for several years?? I don’t think JoJo is ready for marriage. She chases the type of boys who aren’t ready to settle down, and lets go of actual men who are ready to love and adore someone. Jordan is going to let her down in a heartbeat! He has his tv fame now, so why would he need her anymore? Poor JoJo; she got a sad, fame-hungry bunch of pretty boys.

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