Just a low key night in Nashville with Beyoncé and Dolly Parton.

I feel extremely lucky to have been a part of such an extravagant and memorable night. Since I was little, I’ve absolutely loved country music so this was a real treat for me! I mean legends of country were strolling through and um…did I already mention Beyoncé?

Last year, Shawn and I walked the red carpet as guests! Our lives were so crazy after coming off the show, and every interview we had asked us, “when’s the date?” It all happened so fast. We found out we were going to the awards only a day or two before, so I grabbed a dress out of my closet (that I previously wore on The Bachelor), called a salon to get my makeup done, and did my own hair. This year…it was different. It was the 50th anniversary for the awards show and that’s a big deal! I teamed up with Sounds Like Nashville and hosted live from the red carpet – things got a little weird! My stylist did a phenomenal job – thanks Lo VonRumpf for helping me make the best dressed list this year! The designer of the gorgeous gown was Hayley Paige. I just loved the sheer lacy black crop top paired with the voluminous organza skirt! Cali Jeffries did my hair and makeup…it lasted all night! I also accessorized with jewelry I had no business wearing – bonheur_jewelry is so stunning. And of course, I need to thank my fiance, Shawn and trainer, Erin Oprea for that “taut tummy”.


We all know my love for wine, so I sipped on a nice pinot grigio, and started my night off right! Speaking of starting my night off right, I got to meet Macy when I walked in. You know, the little girl who’s always on Ellen and who knows all of the presidents? I’ve always loved her and told Shawn that I want our unborn children to be just like her. She was there to host for Ellen. I hope she knows how lucky she is! Ellen is my freakin’ hero and It was such a pleasure to meet Macy.



The fun started right away with A Thousand Horses. I LOVE their song Smoke. My one goal was not to ask typical questions and right off the bat I remember asking them “there’s four of you, why “A Thousand Horses?” And they said they get asked that all the time. DANG IT! But every time I turned around I had someone interesting to talk to and interview. Miss America, Jesse James Decker, Jon Pardy, Cam, Michael Ray, Cassidy Pope, Chase Bryant…the list goes on.



I spiced things up and was that interviewer that played games and made people laugh – I believe I succeeded. Shawn met me after to enjoy the show and legend after legend made for an incredibly historical night – one I won’t forget!! You can watch the video of the behind-the-scenes bloopers and my interviews here!! I felt so in my element and want to do more of this!

Here’s your backstage pass into my night at the CMA’s!



PS. How hot was my date?



I can’t believe it. Pumpkin spiced latte and sweater season is right around the corner. Feels like just yesterday that Shawn and I road tripped from Nashville to beautiful BC for the summer, entertained by Snapchat and my sweet summer jams (Dierks Bentley, anyone?). While those dog days of summer are winding down, I am looking forward to the fall. I have a thing for fall fashion (and hair styles). Goodbye summer swept hair.


There’s something about a new season that inspires change – a fresh perspective and a hot, new look. I’ve pulled together some of my fav go-to hairstyles that I’ll be rocking in the fall. The TRESemmé Beauty-Full Volume line (where you condition first, shampoo second) give me the softness and bounce that every girl wants. Now you know my secret.

Date Night with Shawn: Surfbort Waves

Down in Nashville, the bigger the better (and that also goes for hair). I have a thing for full, voluminous hair that’s still touchable and soft. I’ll pass on that sticky hairspray stuff. I like to use TRESemmé Beauty-Full Volume & Softness Hair Maximizer, and then go in with a curling iron. If I need to, I’ll finish it off with some Flexible Finish Hairspray. It gives me a full look, without the crunchy strands. It’s sexy yet still lived-in. I love it.


Morning Strolls with Doodle: Top Knot

Whenever I dash out for a walk with Doodle, I don’t spend time perfecting my hair – I’m still an easy-going Canadian girl at heart. For those kinds of mornings, I wash my hair with TRESemmé Beauty-Full Volume Pre-wash Conditioner and then Beauty-Full Volume Shampoo (and yes, I do it in that order). The combo gives me lots of volume without the fuss of hairspray and mousse. Then, I’ll blow dry it and gently brush it out. Finally, I gather it together, tie it in a top knot and head out the door. Easy!


Brunch with the Ladies: Low Pony  

For brunch with the squad, I like to keep it simple and unfussy. You can’t go wrong with a low pony, parted down the middle. I’ll spray in the TRESemmé Flexible Finish Hairspray to lock my look. I hate seeing my hair fall flat and this stuff keeps it looking cute and casual. I’m all about smooth hair without the stiffness that comes with an ordinary hairspray. This finish spray keeps my hair’s natural movement.


But for the next little bit, I’ll be rocking those beachy, summer waves. Perfectly imperfect and it works (for now).




Over the last year, I’ve worked really hard to change my lifestyle. Life’s about balance and I’m all for it. To me, being healthy isn’t about intense diets or quick fixes. It’s about the small steps that wind up making a big difference. I’m also naturally petite and for most of my life, I haven’t really thought about what’s good for my health. I’m lucky to have a quick metabolism, but hey, we’re all the same on the inside, right?

Enter Shawn. He’s a big book guy, a big guitar guy, a big hair guy – but, surprise, surprise. He’s also a big multivitamin guy. I wasn’t really into it at first, but now I take a Centrum multivitamin every morning – it helps support my health goals.

I’m really trying to stick to a routine – having a multivitamin each day, eating healthy and getting regular exercise. I guess you could say I have a little more motivation now. Shawn and I haven’t set a wedding date just yet, but we’ve been bouncing around ideas and it’s in our cards for the near future. Recently, a lot of my friends have gotten married and as much as a bride wants to look her best, it’s just as important that she FEELS her best. Sign me up.

On top of taking a multivitamin daily, I’ve been eating very healthy. I try and have four meals a day and they usually consist of egg whites, toast with almond butter, fruit, chicken salad, chicken tacos, protein shakes and lots of veggies. I eat as much raw sushi as I can (and stay away from the sodium packed soy sauce). I also eat a lot of salmon and I try not to eat carbs too late in the evening. Oh, yes. I also have wine a few times a week. Wine and dark chocolate are my guilty pleasures and then at least once a week I will eat a cheat meal – a big bacon cheeseburger, pancakes, waffles or a big bowl of pasta. Remember that thing I said about balance? I live by it.

But what’s a healthy lifestyle without exercise?! It helps that my fiancé and a close girlfriend are trainers. Erin Oprea is a good friend from Nashville and has been helping me maintain a healthy lifestyle (and really kicking my butt!). She also trains Carrie Underwood, Jana Kramer and Kelsie Ballerini. I work out four times a week with either Erin or Shawn – and if I want to shake it up, I do a spin class. I’m also kind of hooked on my FitBit. Usually, I try and reach 10k steps per day #goals.

I know it won’t be long until I’m in a white dress, so I’m taking my lifestyle choices pretty seriously. It’s not just to look good, but it’s to feel amazing when I walk down that aisle.



Centrum provided information and support to develop this content. The opinions and advice shared here are my own.


We all know I’m a little jet setter, so I thought it would be fun to share my top 5 places I’d travel to in a heartbeat!

1. Antiparos, Greece


Photo Credit: Instagram @simcol

Antiparos is one of Greece’s hidden gems. I follow my friend and former bachelorette, Andi, on Snapchat and she recently visited this island. I immediately fell in love. It went straight to the top of my “places to visit” list. Antiparos is secluded, which means that it is peaceful and quiet. Something I love. I’m 31 and engaged now. My Vegas days are over. All I want is to explore romantic, peaceful getaways with my guy! Antiparos has golden sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, fresh and green landscapes, and is filled with pure, natural beauty. The village has stone paved streets and the homes look stunning. It’s just a beautiful island and I have ALWAYS wanted to go to Greece. I mean, just Google some photos. SOLD.

2. Sydney, Australia


Photo Credit: Instagram @glamm.y

Shawn and I have talked a lot about heading to Sydney. Not only does it look breathtakingly beautiful but the people seem SO laid back. The lifestyle there just screams beaches and beers. Who wouldn’t want to get down with that? There’s the Harbour, the famous Bondi Beach, Blue Mountains and let’s be honest – pub hopping! Shawn and I LOVE animals and we’ve heard that there’s an incredible zoo there as well. The other night, while playing “heads up”, I learned that I have a terrible Australian accent. I wouldn’t dare try it out on the Aussies.

3. New Orleans, USA

NEWORLEANSPhoto Credit: Instagram @visitneworleans

Okay, I know I’ve said my Vegas days are over…BUT…NEW ORLEANS? Come on. I’ve never been, but I know I would love it. Shawn and I could have fun in a shoebox, but just imagine the kind of Snaps you’d get if we were to travel to New Orleans for Mardi Gras! Everything seems so “in your face” and I’ve heard that the bartenders can make a mean mint julep. The festivals get me fired up just thinking about them. We love live music, so a good jazz band is right up our alley. One of my favorite things to do is to try new food and find the best hole in the wall restaurants. Creole cuisine? Don’t mind if I do!

4. Denver, Colorado


Photo Credit: Instagram @_kristeniris

I feel like it’s very underrated by people who haven’t been, but I love the sound of it. I grew up in snowy Alberta and moved to BC because I love the mountains. I feel like I’m in a happy place when I think of ski-in-ski-out resorts, snowboarding all day, stopping on the hill for a Bailey’s and coffee and finishing off the night with games and a dip in the hot tub. I Colorado is filled with fun outdoor activities that would take me back to my childhood. There is something comforting about the snow and being curled up with Shawn in a cabin with the fireplace going. Sign me up.

5. Venice, Italy


Photo Credit: Instagram @hoteliekat

Wine, siestas, pasta, canals, lagoons, romance, shall I go on? Italians seem to know what’s up. I feel like they’d put red wine in their cereal and I’m not above that. I want to travel there, have dinner with older, happily married Italian couples and listen to their stories. I want to sip red wine on a cobblestone street by the water and watch little boats go by. And after that, do as the Italians do, nap, wake up, and find one of those hole in the wall restaurants where they make pasta and sauce from scratch. I would shop all the little kiosks with knock off bags (one thing that I’m not really into are name brands, I will never understand spending money on that stuff). Italians know how to live life. They know what’s important, and it’s not Instagram likes, or how many views your Snap story gets. It’s the stories of love, family and history. They enjoy the moment, they enjoy life and love. THAT’S IT, I’M BOOKING MY TICKET.

All this travel talk and I’ll happily put myself in debt for it. I could go on and on and tell you of the other places I’d want to travel to one day. Vienna, South Africa, the Bahamas, Egypt. The list goes on. Dublin is on there too, but I was lucky enough to spend 3 weeks there. I highly recommend visiting.

What is your favorite place to visit and where would you jet off to in a heartbeat?! I wanna know!!




Music has always been my biggest inspiration. I grew up in the dance studio and was doing pirouettes almost as soon as I could walk. Whenever I’d step on to the dance floor, I’d have this overwhelming feeling of safety. It didn’t matter if it was a ballet class or a hip hop class – I’d still get that feeling. Dance was amazing in that it taught me confidence and creativity. I may get a bit of that from my mama, but dance really took it to a new level!


Since moving to Nashville with Shawn, I’ve really gotten into singing. I’ve been working with a voice coach and a songwriter and I absolutely love it! Nashville is Music City. The Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum and historic Ryman Auditorium are Downtown and the city is packed with legendary honky-tonks, dive bars and dance halls. When I’m in Nashville, I’m in my element.


Looking back, it only made sense to create a jewelry line that mirrors my love for music. It’s helped me get through tough times, but it’s also been a source of comfort. Music makes me happy and it’s what I turn to when there’s a moment worth celebrating. This is what this collection is about. It’s personal.


I’ve teamed up with Stilnest to design something that’s one-of-a-kind. The necklaces, rings, bracelet and headpiece are made from a high quality 925 sterling silver and are also available in gold or rose gold (my fav!).

Shop my collection and wear it to music festivals, after parties and concerts with friends. Enjoy it. I’ll be doing the same.



Photo Credit: Sharla Pike Photography


Shawn and I are back in BC for the summer – and I couldn’t be more excited! I didn’t realize how much I missed watching those sunsets, biking the seawall and being minutes away from my girlfriends. But, I am back in the city that captured my heart (and this time, there are no torrential downpours).

Like I said, it’s been a while since I’ve seen my Palm Baes and we needed a serious catch up (I have to add, I’m not a fan of the word “bae”, but I am a fun of puns and Palm Bay). Anyways, with a little help from this beverage brand, our day date was set…sometimes I cheat on my glass of rosé with a punchy Palm Bay. Don’t judge me.


It was a perfect day. For those of you who’ve never been to Vancouver, let me tell you, summertime here is golden. It may rain 10 months out of the year, but once summer hits, you remember why it’s all worth it.

With the sun shinin’, everyone was in an extra good mood. My ladies came over and we huddled over a table laughing, catching up and sipping on some Palm Bays. It’s just what we needed to beat the heat – something refreshing and tropical – and the Pomegranate Hibiscus flavour did the trick. Okay, fine. The cookies and ice cream were also up there.

B1 (1)

I played bartender and mixed cocktails for the girls (with a side of cotton candy, ‘cause I’m that good). We turned up the music, danced around the living room and just goofed off. By the end of it, I felt like I had done a 2-hour abs workout. Seriously. I can’t remember the last time I laughed that hard.


That #PalmBayLife is good for the soul.



This post was sponsored by Palm Bay but all opinions are my own.


The Bachelorette opened up many doors for me – and I’m grateful for that. I watched this season to show my support – I tweeted and blogged to share my take on JoJo and her guys. To be honest, the amount of anxiety it gave me was unhealthy. I know too much about what goes on – and sometimes it’s hard when people’s feelings are involved. I get it, Ben and Lauren have a show coming out and were likely invited to the finale to promote it, but I can’t help and wonder how that made Lauren and Jordan feel…Ben was mentioned throughout this entire Bachelorette season of how he hurt JoJo. I just don’t know how comfortable that could’ve been for anyone. Imagine announcing your engagement with your last ex sitting right in front of you! What about inviting JoJo’s family?

I’ll leave you with that thought. Now, let’s jump into the episode…

It felt like JoJo’s family seemed to really like Robby. It’s hard because they don’t see everything that she sees and when you hear one thing from your family, it can really throw you off. That was probably a little difficult for Jordan to watch. Who else was sitting there patiently waiting for her mom to chug wine out of the bottle?? I don’t know what the hell “spirit animal” even means, but she’s mine.

If anyone is close to their family, like I am to mine, try and imagine being cut off from them while making a life altering decision. It’s so hard. Once you finally see them after 10 weeks, you cherish every single thing they see and feel. All you want is for them to verify everything you’re feeling. I was so thankful for how my family accepted both men, but really saw how I was with Shawn. My dad took me aside and said. “Kate, there was a song on one of the Beatles’ albums called ‘I’ve got a feeling’. And after meeting Shawn, I’ve got a feeling.” My whole family did. And now that JoJo’s family sees the two of them together, I’m sure they have that feeling, too.

I have to say, I didn’t like that Jordan didn’t ask for her parents’ blessing in person. Over the phone just doesn’t feel personal, and I don’t understand why he did that. Was he scared? Too nervous that he forgot? I understand it’s a lot of pressure and an overwhelming situation, but you are kind of there to marry this woman. That shouldn’t be something you forget to do in person.

When JoJo made her decision to let go of Robby, I’m sure it wasn’t easy. It is NEVER a good time to hurt people. Especially when they don’t see it coming. A big part of the show is when the final two go up to propose and keep the viewers on their toes. Who’s going to come out of the limo first and what does it all mean?! I wanted to go talk to Nick and explain it myself, but I wasn’t able to change that particular format of the show. And it did give him the chance to let people hear what he had to say. I still hate the thought of doing that. It’s not fair, but again, that’s the show and that’s why people tune in. JoJo told Robby she wanted it to be him. That’s just not something he needed to hear at that point. You need closure, and closure is not an easy thing to give when you have been through a lot with that person. You get closure when you re-watch everything on the season and see the other relationship develop. I do, however, understand that at that point JoJo just wanted to say anything to make him feel better. It’s hard to find the words to say when someone is fake crying. Haha, sorry Robby. I had to.

Also, Chad I was voting for you to be The Bachelor until your episode on Paradise. It’s not funny anymore.

I’m happy for JoJoJo that they are finally done with having a SERIOUS case of the Mondays and now it’s on to the fun stuff. Here’s my advice for the couple:

– Enjoy traveling together, even when it’s stressful. Plan the plane rides like it’s a date night. Play cards, watch movies, have drinks, and join the mile high club.

– DO NOT let tabloids ruin your relationship. Then the magazines win. And we’re all better than trash mags. The headlines are always the same, and it’s just your faces on them for now.

– Save every little moment together. Keep your hotel cards from everywhere you go, and enjoy the chaos.

– Try not to be on your phones all the time. WE ARE GUILTY OF THIS. We love Snapchat too much.

– Have real conversations about family, babies, weddings, friends, life.

– Go to bed mad. I hate the saying, don’t go to bed mad. DO IT. Because chances are you will wake up over whatever dumb thing it was you were arguing about. Might as well get a good sleep.

– Take this time to actually get to know each other and re fall in love. Buy disguises and go for dinner. It’s the best.

– Write each other sticky notes (Shawn does this for me and it makes my day).

– And just know that all the negatives get outweighed by the positives. I feel so incredibly lucky to have found Shawn.

CONGRATULATIONS JoJoJo! We wish you guys nothing but the best.




Last year, the “Men Tell All” episode was one of the hardest episodes for me. I was so emotionally drained from all the hate I had received and I knew we were going to address the bullying. I had a feeling that some of the guys would support me, and some of the others would make me feel bad. It was so difficult to relive all of the hate that I was hit with and was still receiving. I’m glad that the show’s tone was nowhere near that this year. Throw Chad into the mix and how could it be about anything else but him? Seriously, for a good chunk of time there it was the “CHAD Tells All”.

I have to start by saying though, that when Chris Harrison introduced the panel of guys, I said, “who??” at least six times. James S? Jonathan? Brandon? Who are these guys and why were they even there? It was hard to say who got the bigger applause though. Chase or Luke. Those two are definitely The Bachelor contenders. Oh, and believe me when I say I have some ideas for that.

I also wanted to get this out of the way – I still don’t understand Derek and Alex’s beef. What a waste of air time! What I do know is that I hate it when Alex continuously uses terms like “sensitive” and “bitch” to insult the other guys. Then again, maybe I’m just a sensitive bitch.

On to Chad, who got his own dressing room and security detail by the way. You can’t say this show doesn’t play up the drama in a hilarious way at times.

When it came to his behavior, Chad said that during filming, he heard the guys constantly talking about him and it drove him nuts, which led him act the way he did. I doubt that’s the entire reason, but I do believe him being egged on contributed to it for sure. Wells made a great point, admitting that the guys for sure ganged up on Chad. However, he also said it was justified, based on what Chad was saying and doing. Wells, the most rational dude on the subject.

Unlike Nick B, who, out of nowhere, threatened to fight Chad but just ended up looking like a doofus. Take a seat, Santa.

It was also revealed that Evan pushed Chad before he ripped Evan’s shirt at the sex show stand up comedy date. Hmmm, different perspectives. Evan KNEW he was poking the Chad Bear, I’m glad he finally got called out for it.

And about the whole Chad dating Grant and Robby’s exes since the show thing…I actually find it funny. Dude is on another level when it comes to trolling. JoJo nailed it when she refused to respond to his chastising because anyone who does is just playing into his attention grabbing antics and giving him exactly what he wants. AKA – don’t feed the troll. Although, it’s definitely entertaining whenever someone does.

What else happened?

JoJo faced the guys again for the first time since letting each of them go, and you could tell, with the exception of Chad, she was so genuinely happy to see all of them again.

I was so happy to see some of those guys’ faces when it was my episode of “Men Tell All”. Some of the relationships I had formed were friendships that I still cherish. But holy moly is it ever intimidating. Ever had 25 of your ex-boyfriends in one room staring at you…wanting answers? I don’t recommend it. Most importantly, Luke and Chase got their closure – and I really think they should BOTH be the next Bachelor(s)! Let the women decide! Clearly I’m not over this…

Oh and Vinny’s mom is #HairGoals.

Big finale next week!