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Christmas Day is just one week away! I can’t believe it. It’s such a special time of year and each season the magic returns. My family always gets into the spirit of things, and Christmas at our house is always BIG. When I was young, the whole house would be decorated from head to toe, and we had specific traditions we’d follow. Shawn and I make a big effort to keep some of these traditions going – and have also started a few of our own! Spending our first Christmas in the Big Apple is exciting, though. New York really comes alive this time of year.

One thing I love about Christmas is always getting the perfect gift for a friend or family member. It doesn’t need to be expensive, as long as it shows how well you know them – and that you listen. Nothing beats a thoughtful gift. Here are a few of my favourite things for every person in your life! Hurry though, you’ve only got a few days left!

1.¬†TruSelf Organics’ “For The Face” Gift Box
I’ve been using these products for quite some time, and I can’t say enough great things about them! The “For The Face” gift box includes 8 products packaged and wrapped up – the perfect gift for your mom or sister. Pamper them this holiday season. The best news? TruSelf is in the gift giving mood and everything on their website is 30% off! Yes, that includes the “For The Face” Gift Box! Just use the promo code KB30.

2.¬†Vanity Planet’s Pink Blend Party Makeup Brush Set¬†
I’m obsessed with these makeup brushes! I actually have them in both pink and black because I love them so much. Rumour has it the pink set is almost sold out – but the black set is so slick! These brushes are so, so soft and are cruelty free. They don’t harbor any bacteria or shed and save me from using too much makeup. Your best friend would LOVE them. Right now, if you click on this¬†link¬†and use the code KB70, you’ll actually save 70%!! Ho, ho, ho. Merry Christmas!

3.¬†Reebok Men’s Hydrorush in Black
These bad boys are built to perform! The Reebok Hydrorush runners are versatile, comfortable and durable. For the athlete in your life! If you need runners with serious traction for any surface, dependable security for quick cuts and fast changes, you’ve found your match.

4.¬†Free People’s Furry Bomber
This ultra luxe bomber jacket makes a statement. Isn’t the colour¬†amazing? I love that it’s faux fur and the color is so festive. Chances are you’ll be picking up two (one for you, and one for the lucky lady in your life).

5.¬†SoundSport’s In-Ear BlueTooth Headphones¬†
A durable and advanced design – these headphones stay secure and comfortable when you sweat. They’re also water-resistant, so no excuses when it rains. The Bluetooth technology keeps wires out of the way and the sound is unbelievable. Definitely something that the tech-y in your life would appreciate.

I still have a few things to pick up myself. The countdown is on – good luck and happy shopping!





I moved away from home when I was 19. I was on a dance scholarship, cheerleading, and living with four people in a one bedroom apartment. We had one bathroom, a tiny kitchen, and a lot of mattresses on the floor. I made it work because I was a dancer trying to find my way, and that’s what dancers do! You struggle in order to achieve success. That’s how all great stories start, no? Mine just played out in a different way than I planned. No dancing, and some TV.¬†

Once I left home, I found myself apartment hopping, job hopping, and soul searching. As long as I was dancing, I was happy. I couldn’t even commit to a bed because I didn’t want to be tied down. My family called me a gypsy soul. I just wanted to dance and be free – and was finding my way in life. I was figuring it out and growing into the “real” Kaitlyn. I’m a “been there, done that” kind of¬†¬†gal, who has grown into a “I wanna settle down” kind of soul. Even if that means traveling every other day, I want a home base to recharge. Shawn and I have found that.¬†

We were casually home searching, part-time renting, and then randomly found our dream home. Woops!!! 

We¬†love Nashville and want to build a family here, but what we didn’t know, was how fast we would find that starting ground. It casually fell into our laps, and we found ourselves in a very large, empty, beautiful¬†¬†space that we couldn’t wait to decorate. One problem. We aren’t good at decorating.¬†


For $299 per room Decorist matches you with a designer to help design your room virtually no matter who you are or where you live. It was so nice to talk to someone who was always available no matter what. We worked with Decorist Design Director Jessica McCarthy on our living room and dining room design. I didn’t even know I had a style until she brought it out in me. I soon found myself loving every second of the process. Jessica made it so easy and fun to fit our style and vibe.

We really wanted it to have a Nashville feel, so Jessica, Shawn and I teamed up with World Market to make sure we got everything we wanted. Our dining room has the most bad ass vibe with framed rock and roll artists, a whiskey cart, a farm style table and chairs, and some layered make Mongolian sheepskin to make you feel southern and stylish. 


Photo Credit: Alyssa Rosenheck

Our living room is more for cuddles and comfort. I love a cozy bright space!! My fav is the white sectional couch¬†paired perfectly with the faux chairs and metal coffee tables with glass tops.¬†I really wanted some beautiful light curtains to soften the room, while also secluding us! These ones from World Market are absolutely perfect.¬†The art work and gold lighting fixture bring a bit of edge to the room, and I think the main rug brings it all together.¬†Did I mention they talked me into having an American flag up? Don’t worry we still have other rooms to decorate!!! Cough, Canadian flag, cough…

©AlyssaRosenheck.edited.2017-57 copy

Photo Credit: Alyssa Rosenheck


Photo Credit: Alyssa Rosenheck

Last but not least is our little kitchen nook. I really wanted this to be our wind up and wind down space. Since I love to cook, this is where I want Shawn to sit back and enjoy the view. I want it to be the place where we wake up and have our coffee, eat our embarrassingly healthy breakfast, while opening our lap tops and starting our day. Then be the spot where we wind down, have a glass of wine and chat before bed. I love the farm style vibe we have been going for, so the faux cowhide rug seemed appropriate.¬†Jessica talked me into the antique brass feathered drum pendant shade, which now, is possibly my favorite light fixture. 70’s are back baby!!!¬†


Photo Credit: Alyssa Rosenheck

I could go ON AND ON about our new home and how I wake up feeling like a new woman full of comfort and joy, but you can also head to¬†decorist.com¬†and¬†worldmarket.com¬†for more inspiration. I’ll be counting on them for our kitchen next!¬†




The other day I accidentally said ‚Äėy‚Äôall‚Äô instead of ‚Äėyou guys‚Äô and realized it‚Äôs been almost two years since I moved to Nashville! I‚Äôll always be a Canadian girl at heart, but the ol‚Äô South has really grown on me. How could it not? Nashville‚Äôs got such an energetic vibe. There‚Äôs live music everywhere you go, a happening restaurant scene, and the night life‚ÄĒwell, let‚Äôs just say there‚Äôs a reason they call it Nash Vegas‚Ķ

Because I travel so much, it’s always a treat to stop and smell the roses (the fried chicken?) here in Nashville and spend time exploring the city. These are a few of the best places I’ve been to so far.

Honky Tonk Central

When in Nashville, you go Honky Tonkin‚Äô (it‚Äôs basically a law) and Lower Broadway is packed with watering holes to hit for a drink and a good time. My personal fav? Honky Tonk Central. With three floors, three bars, and three dancefloors‚ÄĒit‚Äôs the place to let loose. There‚Äôs a live band on every floor, so bring dancing shoes and get ready to HOLLER AND SWALLER!


Photo Credit: Instagram @honkey_tonk_central

Husk Nashville

Next level Southern cuisine? Check. Steller service? Check. Cocktails so nice you‚Äôll want to drink them twice (I did)? Double check. I‚Äôve never been a huge food snob, but this place takes the whole ‚Äėfine-dining‚Äô thing to the next level. All of their dishes are fresh takes on Southern classics, and every ingredient is locally sourced. The d√©cor is simple and elegant (the building itself is 147 years old!!) and the servers will make you feel like a real Southern belle.


Photo Credit: Husk Nashville 

Country Music Hall of Fame

Is it a tourist trap? Probably. It is still worth a visit? HECK YEAH! The first time I visited the Country Music Hall of Fame, I fan-girled HARD. Was it the life-sized replica of Taylor Swift‚Äôs tour bus? Elvis Presley‚Äôs gold Cadillac? RCA Studio B where Dolly Frickin‚Äô Parton recorded the vocals for ‚ÄúJolene?!‚ÄĚ I don‚Äôt know, but I was star-struck the entire time. Even if you‚Äôre not a huge fan of country, this is a must-see. There‚Äôs a 52 ft. guitar that doubles as a slide (it‚Äôs not just for kids you guys‚Ķ) and enough interactive exhibits to keep you entertained for hours.


Photo Credit: Country Music Hall of Fame

Ascend Amphitheater

It may not be as old and prestigious as the Grand Ole Opry or Ryman Auditorium, but when it comes to outdoor concerts, Ascend Amphitheater is where it’s at. Every seat in the house has a great view (even the lawn seats), and the beer gardens keep the fun flowing. If you catch a concert at sunset, not only do you get a great show, but you get a preemo view of the sun going down over the Nashville skyline (date night anyone???)


Photo Credit: youvisit.com

Belle Meade Plantation

I’ve never been a huge history buff, but when I heard the tour of this plantation ended with a wine tasting, I was there faster than you could say Greek-Revival architecture. Back in 1807 the plantation was just one tiny log cabin. Now, it’s a 34-acre property with a Victorian mansion, carriage house, horse farm, Boxwood Garden and more. Started from the bottom now we here.  Apparently, lots of people have weddings here, and I can see why. The property is breathtaking, and did I already mention they have a winery?!


Photo Credit: Instagram @bellemeadewinery

Arrington Vineyards

When I want my wine without the pre-happy hour history lesson, I head to Arrington Vineyards. Rolling hills, a private wine loft, some great-tasting grapes‚ÄĒthe only thing that could make this vineyard even more amazing would be live music. Oh wait, they have that too (cue angels singing.) Yup, every weekend jazz and bluegrass bands bring the tunes to Arrington Vineyards for ‚ÄėMusic in the Vines,‚Äô so pack a picnic, grab a bottle of their Antebellum red wine (trust me on this one), get cozy on the lawn in front of the jazz tent and voila! You‚Äôve got yourself a preemo date night.


Photo Credit: Arrington Vineyards (Facebook)

Pedal Tavern

If you’ve never been to Nashville, Pedal Tavern’s tours are by far the best way to see the city. I mean, a 15 seat bar-on-wheels manned by a hilarious guide beats a walking tour any day of the week. All Pedal Tavern tours are BYOB so stock up on your go-to beverages, grab a few friends, and get ready to hit the open road. The best part? With 15 people, no one notices if you don’t pedal.


Photo Credit: Pedal Tavern

There’s so much left to explore, and I’m always looking for new suggestions. Any places I need to check out?