I’m in Vancouver for a few days – and there’s nothing quite like summer in Vancity. It feels like there’s a sandy beach everywhere you look, and I’ll definitely be catching a few rays at some of my fav spots (Kits Beach and Spanish Banks are two of my go-tos.) Kits is surrounded by great spots to grab lunch, and patio cocktails, and Spanish Banks is the perfect place to get my Frisbee on. (I’m terrible at it but it’s fun anyways). Obviously, I never show up to the beach unprepared. Snacks, sunscreen, sunnies — you’d think I was packing for a weekend away…

beach-favesAnyways, here are a few beach bag essentials I never leave the house without:

  1. Beach Bag | The most important thing? The bag. I’m in love with this Sun N Sand Straw Tote from Swim Outlet. It’s big enough to fit just about anything, and the twisted handle gives it a beachy, boho vibe.
  2. Beach Towel | Rectangle towels are so last year. This ‘Palm Springs’ Round Beach Towel by The Beach People is gigantic and perfect for lounging in the sun. I dare you not to fall asleep! It’s big enough for two!
  3. Cover Up | This summer I’m loving the boho look, so I couldn’t say no to this Gypsy Crochet Cover up from Nordstrom. It’s super comfy and perfect for slipping on over my swimsuit.
  4. Hat | It’s not summer without a straw hat. This Here We Go Panama Hat from Roxy may keep my face out of the sun, but it has me feelin’ hot!
  5. Sunglasses | If it were acceptable to wear shades inside, I would never take these off. They’re ‘The Hamptons’ sunglasses from EyeBuyDirect and they spice up any outfit. Plus, they look fab with a messy bun. At least thats what I tell myself.
  6. Bikini | Sun’s out buns out! This Hippie Hooray Crochet Bikini from Billabong is the ultimate swimsuit. I love rocking the top with a pair of jean shorts and strappy sandals.
  7. Water Bottle | How cute is this S’well Waikiki water bottle? There is nothing worse than warm water on a smoking hot summer day, and this bottle keeps drinks cold ALL day long. Plus…look at it!
  8. Sandals | It’s pretty rare to find sandals that are cute and comfy, but these Stuart Weitzman Corbata Sandals are both comfy and chic— and have just the right amount of bohemian flare.
  9. Lipstick | I always throw a lipstick in my bag. You never know where the day is going to take you and MAC’s ‘Honey Love’ is perfect for any occasion. Post beach drinks here I come!
  10. Sunscreen | Last but NOT least: sunscreen. I never leave the house without lathering up. I’m against wrinkles, and all for protecting your skin. This Sun Bum Sunscreen is a lifesaver for a sun bum like me. It goes on super smooth, smells nice, and you can wear it in the water.

Anything else I absolutely need in my beach bag? Let me know what you don’t leave your house without!



Adding Edge to Your Spring!

I don’t know about you, but I love a good combat boot in the spring. I know when you hear boots you think about winter, but not me! I try and add a touch of edge to all of my outfits. Whether it be a choker, a chunky belt, a bright lip, sunnies, or a bad ass boot, I like to keep it sassy. So, I decided to give you guys a couple of cute, edgy, easy spring outfit ideas!

One of Shawn’s favorite looks I do (often) is jeans and a tee. I LOVE this basic “Skippy heather grey tee” from paired with One Teaspoon ripped jeans and a simple heel. I also do this same outfit but with their “Cool Girl white jersey knit tee.” I added my go to flannel around the waist because, why not. It’s cool and maybe I’ll get cold later? Got to be prepared with style!


This next one is right up my alley. A crop top. I have dressed this one up for a charity event with dress pants, and in this photo I’ve dressed it down with One Teaspoon jean shorts and a cute black hat. You can’t see, but here’s where I threw in my combat boots. Floral on top and bad ass boots down low. Don’t be afraid to go there!! The top is also from and is called “Smell the Tulips crop top”!


Now, should I have ironed or steamed this next one? Sure, but like I said, I keep it sassy. haha. Ok that’s an excuse, I just don’t iron. Again, I am always gravitating towards a good crop. Now mix that with off the shoulder and lace? SOLD. This is Tobi’s “Haven off shoulder crop”. I love the color as well. I’m a big fan of an olive shade. Since it’s sort of a boho feel, I paired it with my gladiator style sandals. I seriously believe I got these from Payless Shoes. Sounds like something I would do.


I think it’s all about how you put an outfit together. Like I said, a bright lip can spice it up, a booty, accessories, and even a cute bralette! There’s one called “Mojave tent halter” from Tobi, that I put under my body suits. Shows a little knit, and could also be a bathing suit top! Or at least I think so….


What’s your fav spring style? I’m always down for new ideas!

Toodaloo for now!



HELLO 2017

The end of a year always makes me look back and reflect on the last 365 days. 2016 was a great year! Shawn and I explored new cities and started new ventures. I always love the traveling that we get to do and this year was no different! Between Paris and Hawaii, I’d say it was a pretty great year.

I’m almost ready to turn the page on 2016 and see what the next chapter holds. It’s both exciting and a tiny bit daunting, but 2017 is going to be a BIG one! I have some exciting things up my sleeve and I can’t wait to share with all of you.

How are you celebrating the new year? Whether you’re hitting the streets to ring it in or staying cozy at home with loved ones, it’s always fun to dress up for New Year’s Eve – I just love the energy and buzz (and the bubbly) that comes with it!

I’ve pulled together some of my favourite pieces for NYE. If you’re planning to dress up in glitter, or staying home to bang pots and pans, take a peek below. Maybe you’ll find something you love!



I’m raising my glass of bubbly and wishing you guys all the very best in 2017!




I’m one of the lucky ones with 20/20 vision, but I’ve always had this thing for glasses. I rock them to change my outfits, not my eyesight! Some people have this infatuation with sky-high heels, but mines always been about frames – I’m nerdy like that. sells theirs for such a reasonable price, and slowly my collection has been getting out of hand! The best part is – even if you don’t need a prescription, you can order lenses with digital screen protection and shield your eyes from blue-violet light emitted by digital screens.

I’m drawn to glasses that are refined, fashionable and feminine. But I’m also not afraid to have a little fun and try something with a print or a bolder colour. I’m big on sunglasses and you’ll spot me wearing them when I sneak into a Starbucks or get off an 8-hour flight. Instant glam.

Glasses are my go-to and I’m a fan. I’ve teamed up with and curated my very own capsule collection that I’m excited to share with you! If you’re feeling festive, pick up a few and slip them into your friends’ holiday stockings, too. They’re made to order so hurry and place your order today, so that you get it by Christmas! Shipping usually takes 7-14 days, but I can promise you, it is definitely worth the wait.




Just a low key night in Nashville with Beyoncé and Dolly Parton.

I feel extremely lucky to have been a part of such an extravagant and memorable night. Since I was little, I’ve absolutely loved country music so this was a real treat for me! I mean legends of country were strolling through and um…did I already mention Beyoncé?

Last year, Shawn and I walked the red carpet as guests! Our lives were so crazy after coming off the show, and every interview we had asked us, “when’s the date?” It all happened so fast. We found out we were going to the awards only a day or two before, so I grabbed a dress out of my closet (that I previously wore on The Bachelor), called a salon to get my makeup done, and did my own hair. This year…it was different. It was the 50th anniversary for the awards show and that’s a big deal! I teamed up with Sounds Like Nashville and hosted live from the red carpet – things got a little weird! My stylist did a phenomenal job – thanks Lo VonRumpf for helping me make the best dressed list this year! The designer of the gorgeous gown was Hayley Paige. I just loved the sheer lacy black crop top paired with the voluminous organza skirt! Cali Jeffries did my hair and makeup…it lasted all night! I also accessorized with jewelry I had no business wearing – bonheur_jewelry is so stunning. And of course, I need to thank my fiance, Shawn and trainer, Erin Oprea for that “taut tummy”.


We all know my love for wine, so I sipped on a nice pinot grigio, and started my night off right! Speaking of starting my night off right, I got to meet Macy when I walked in. You know, the little girl who’s always on Ellen and who knows all of the presidents? I’ve always loved her and told Shawn that I want our unborn children to be just like her. She was there to host for Ellen. I hope she knows how lucky she is! Ellen is my freakin’ hero and It was such a pleasure to meet Macy.



The fun started right away with A Thousand Horses. I LOVE their song Smoke. My one goal was not to ask typical questions and right off the bat I remember asking them “there’s four of you, why “A Thousand Horses?” And they said they get asked that all the time. DANG IT! But every time I turned around I had someone interesting to talk to and interview. Miss America, Jesse James Decker, Jon Pardy, Cam, Michael Ray, Cassidy Pope, Chase Bryant…the list goes on.



I spiced things up and was that interviewer that played games and made people laugh – I believe I succeeded. Shawn met me after to enjoy the show and legend after legend made for an incredibly historical night – one I won’t forget!! You can watch the video of the behind-the-scenes bloopers and my interviews here!! I felt so in my element and want to do more of this!

Here’s your backstage pass into my night at the CMA’s!



PS. How hot was my date?



I can’t believe it. Pumpkin spiced latte and sweater season is right around the corner. Feels like just yesterday that Shawn and I road tripped from Nashville to beautiful BC for the summer, entertained by Snapchat and my sweet summer jams (Dierks Bentley, anyone?). While those dog days of summer are winding down, I am looking forward to the fall. I have a thing for fall fashion (and hair styles). Goodbye summer swept hair.


There’s something about a new season that inspires change – a fresh perspective and a hot, new look. I’ve pulled together some of my fav go-to hairstyles that I’ll be rocking in the fall. The TRESemmé Beauty-Full Volume line (where you condition first, shampoo second) give me the softness and bounce that every girl wants. Now you know my secret.

Date Night with Shawn: Surfbort Waves

Down in Nashville, the bigger the better (and that also goes for hair). I have a thing for full, voluminous hair that’s still touchable and soft. I’ll pass on that sticky hairspray stuff. I like to use TRESemmé Beauty-Full Volume & Softness Hair Maximizer, and then go in with a curling iron. If I need to, I’ll finish it off with some Flexible Finish Hairspray. It gives me a full look, without the crunchy strands. It’s sexy yet still lived-in. I love it.


Morning Strolls with Doodle: Top Knot

Whenever I dash out for a walk with Doodle, I don’t spend time perfecting my hair – I’m still an easy-going Canadian girl at heart. For those kinds of mornings, I wash my hair with TRESemmé Beauty-Full Volume Pre-wash Conditioner and then Beauty-Full Volume Shampoo (and yes, I do it in that order). The combo gives me lots of volume without the fuss of hairspray and mousse. Then, I’ll blow dry it and gently brush it out. Finally, I gather it together, tie it in a top knot and head out the door. Easy!


Brunch with the Ladies: Low Pony  

For brunch with the squad, I like to keep it simple and unfussy. You can’t go wrong with a low pony, parted down the middle. I’ll spray in the TRESemmé Flexible Finish Hairspray to lock my look. I hate seeing my hair fall flat and this stuff keeps it looking cute and casual. I’m all about smooth hair without the stiffness that comes with an ordinary hairspray. This finish spray keeps my hair’s natural movement.


But for the next little bit, I’ll be rocking those beachy, summer waves. Perfectly imperfect and it works (for now).




Music has always been my biggest inspiration. I grew up in the dance studio and was doing pirouettes almost as soon as I could walk. Whenever I’d step on to the dance floor, I’d have this overwhelming feeling of safety. It didn’t matter if it was a ballet class or a hip hop class – I’d still get that feeling. Dance was amazing in that it taught me confidence and creativity. I may get a bit of that from my mama, but dance really took it to a new level!


Since moving to Nashville with Shawn, I’ve really gotten into singing. I’ve been working with a voice coach and a songwriter and I absolutely love it! Nashville is Music City. The Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum and historic Ryman Auditorium are Downtown and the city is packed with legendary honky-tonks, dive bars and dance halls. When I’m in Nashville, I’m in my element.


Looking back, it only made sense to create a jewelry line that mirrors my love for music. It’s helped me get through tough times, but it’s also been a source of comfort. Music makes me happy and it’s what I turn to when there’s a moment worth celebrating. This is what this collection is about. It’s personal.


I’ve teamed up with Stilnest to design something that’s one-of-a-kind. The necklaces, rings, bracelet and headpiece are made from a high quality 925 sterling silver and are also available in gold or rose gold (my fav!).

Shop my collection and wear it to music festivals, after parties and concerts with friends. Enjoy it. I’ll be doing the same.



Photo Credit: Sharla Pike Photography


Shawn and I have a love for shoes. There’s just no denying it. We enjoy looks that are a little edgy, but most importantly – comfortable! We’re on the road a lot, so comfort is something we value – but we still want to look good.

View More: View More:

We’ve teamed up with and released a curated collection of our favourite kicks, socks and accessories. In between travel, fitness, media appearances and date nights, this collection has something for every occasion.

View More:

The best thing about our collaboration with is that it supports Vancouver’s Covenant House. For every pair of shoes sold, will match it and donate a pair to someone in need. Shawn and I once did a charity event where we slept out in the streets. The whole experience had a huge impact on us and changed our perspective. We’re so happy to support an amazing organization that helps homeless youth – and in our own small way, we are making a difference.

View More: View More:

So do some shopping and feel good doin’ it! This is as guilt-free as it gets.

Check out our full collections here:



PS. You’ll never guess what shoe style Shawn LOVES me in! Read more…




I’m excited to announce that I’ve teamed up with Chelcey Tate to design a line of prints, drink ware and apparel! It’s been great working on this and, together, we created a collection that’s fun and has a little sass. I like to think I’m pretty witty – so I came up with the phrases and Chelcey turned them into the hand-lettered designs that you see in the photos.


When it comes to quotes – I’m a big believer in being quirky, rather than serious and inspirational. These phrases aren’t meant to be deep and thought provoking. Instead, they are silly and honest – designed to make you smile. Like, “I Pee in Pools”. I mean, come on. I don’t care if you don’t want to admit it – we all do it.


The shoot was exactly like the prints. It was so light hearted and fun – all about being yourself and letting a little loose! Not sure if you’ve received the memo by now, but I LOVE to laugh. Chelcey really got that about me. I’m honest, unapologetic, goofy and witty. Don’t get me wrong, I have a serious side as well, but who wants to read that on their mug on a Monday? Not you – that’s who.

IMG_5860   IMG_5907

I wanted to stay true to me in this collection – and it wouldn’t be what it is without a few references to vino. Maybe there was even a little Pinot Gris in that mug? Who knows? Oh, wait. I’m supposed to be honest. It was coffee. BORING!

Check out the full collection here: and get shoppin’! I can’t think of a better way to beat those Monday blues…




I’m going to take a shot in the dark and say that 99.99% of fans that read my blog are female. So, I thought this would be a great read for all of you ladies out there!! At some point in your life, you will be invited to a ladies-only, cocktail-fuelled weekend – also known as a bachelorette party. Did you know that in Canada we call them stagettes?!

I actually just got back from a bachelorette weekend – and while it’s still fresh in my mind, I thought I’d give you some suggestions for outfits, as well as a packing list! Usually, bachelorette parties are in the spring or summer – just before wedding season. All the outfits are cute, little summer get ups. Sabo Skirt was CLUTCH for me on this trip. Their clothes are comfortable, affordable, and ADORBS! They are based out of Australia.

First thing’s first. Make sure you pack a camera! Buying a camera has inspired me to be creative and to take more pictures of my surroundings. Nowadays, phone pics are definitely good quality, but there’s something old school and fun about having an actual camera.

Let’s get to it…

This outfit is the perfect example of something that’s a staple. It’s just a simple off-white knit tank with tassels and high waisted jean shorts. You can rock it with flip-flops or heels, but I love the western feel and paired it with my favourite little, red booties. It’s my “I’m not at a club, but I still wanna dance” outfit.

KB image 1

This next one can be kept casual, or can be dressed up. It’s a little white dress made out of the softest material. You can wear it with flip-flops or wedges! Just don’t wear it to someone else’s BIG day – major faux pas. It’s the perfect dress for a boozy brunch – my “keep those mimosas comin’…” get up.

KB white dress

The third one is one of my favs. It’s a white crop top paired with silky high waisted shorts. Can you tell I’m really into tassels these days? I’m all about crop tops and high waisted shorts. I think it’s a super flattering and edgy look. This is a fun one for going out, because you can dress it up with jewelry and heels. It’s my “I like to sip champagne and get real low” look.

KB image 3

This outfit below is NOT ideal for golfing so I have no idea why I’m posing on a putting green – just trying to get creative, okay people? Mom said it was a good idea and she was my photographer for the day. So I listened.

KB image 4

These are comfy, high waisted (shocker) shorts, made out of a lacey material. They’re cut higher on the sides – a very flattering look. I paired them with a high neck, striped cotton tee – and would’ve LOVED to slide on my white converse sneakers, but had accidentally left them at home. This is a look you can definitely dress up or down. It’s what I call my “high neck, high waist, low budget” outfit. Super affordable and adorable. Throw on some sunnies and this outfit becomes that much cuter.

Shoes have never been a strong point of mine. I’ve been into flip-flops ALL DAY, EVERYDAY. Or converse. It’s important for me to feel comfortable. I’ve learned to appreciate heels and my new favourites are the NASTY GAL queen wrap heel. They are sexy, fun and STILL comfortable.

KB image 5

I didn’t take too many bikini shots; I feel silly posing in them! I did want to give a huge shout out to COPA BIKINIS for sending me a few cute pieces. They’re so perfect for lounging by the pool.

Coming to Nashville for a bachelorette party?! I know a few great places to celebrate your weekend with the girls!

Get a pedal tavern – you pedal around the city drinking and stopping at honky tonks. It’s so much fun AND you burn calories while you drink ‘em!! Then, check out a few places on Broadway. The best spots are Honky Tonk Central, The Stage and Tootsies Rooftop!

Finally. My packing list:

– Simple tops and bottoms
– Jewelry and lots of statement necklaces to spice up staple outfits
– Heels, flip-flops, wedges, runners (try and mix in at least one work out to sweat out toxins)
– Nail polish remover and bright polish (this too spices up an outfit)
– Sunnies, sunnies and more sunnies (accessorize your outfits and hide those dark circles after a long night out)
– Penis straws (Just kidding! I HATE when people do those)
– Razors, bikini zone cream (waxing/hair removal is ideal)
– Bikinis and bathing suit cover-ups
– HATS – especially floppy ones when wearing a bikini – floppy hats are everything
– Rompers
– Make up remover and moisturizer – I can’t go to sleep unless I have a clean, moisturized face and it helps with the sun!
– Hair dryer, straightener, curler
– Party Smart Herbal Pills – no word of a lie – cures hangovers. YOU’RE WELCOME!

Happy packing!