What I Love About Shawn

As if we all haven’t done this enough already, but let’s take a moment to gush over Shawn Booth. From his romantic charm to his perfect hair, he’s what I’ve been waiting for my whole life.

Even though my parents went through a divorce, from a young age I was witness to what it was to love and be loved. If anyone has ever met my dad, you know that I would have high expectations of how a lady should be treated— I always tell him he should write a book. And then there’s my mom, who has the biggest heart and is SUCH a hopeless romantic. My parents realized that they had more of a great friendship than the kind of love you dream of. Now, they have both found THAT kind of love, and I have two amazing relationships that I look up to. We’re all one big weird happy family and there’s a lot of love between us.

I believe that Shawn is the person I am supposed to be with— it’s soul mates, true love, ‘only-see-it-in-the-movies’ type of stuff. It wasn’t an accident that my best friend made me go on that show, it’s not an accident that Chris Soules didn’t see me as his wife, and it wasn’t an accident that Shawn’s sister saw him with someone like me and told him to risk it. I truly believe we were meant to meet, and be together forever.

We lived in different countries and the only way the universe could get us together, was to go on a crazy adventure on a reality tv show. And I have never felt more confident about anything in my whole life.

I can’t wait to share our love story as we go with you guys, because it really is a beautiful thing. When it’s shown on the Bachelorette, we all know it will come across as dramatic— they use that word themselves a rude amount of times. Actually, I’m starting to believe that Chris Harrison gets a raise every time he uses that word. 

I don’t want to make our relationship seem perfect, because it’s not, and imperfections are important to acknowledge because that’s what makes us normal! Sometimes I get mad at him for being on his phone, sometimes we disagree on things. And that’s ok. Because we know we will get through anything and learn about each other along the way. And at the end of the day, we aren’t characters on a tv show. We are real people.

Shawn is one of a kind. He is thoughtful, romantic, a gentleman, sincere, and ridiculously good looking. He thinks about the little things, and I know that he will for the rest of our lives, he will put our relationship first, and so will I. 

I want to say thank you to all of the people who have been invested in our love story, and stood by us with support. We can’t wait to be out in the world, as two crazy kids madly in love.






Shout-Out to Jimmy Kimmel and Guillermo for being the best gown-picking companions a gal could ask for.

Well that’s one way to find LOVE…

Whoa. It’s finally here. I don’t think I can put into words how excited I am for this entire process to finally be coming to an end. Not because I haven’t treasured (almost) every single minute of it, but because, as you all know, it’s been a roller coaster (to say the least).


I’m pretty much a major sucker for love. This process, however CRAZY, has been so worth it.

I’m not perfect, but I have tried to stay true to myself throughout this whole thing, and with that said I have to say that I hope that each and every one of the amazing men of season 11 finds happiness–truly! I was so lucky to have such a great group of guys– some of the biggest beauties out there.

I want to take this time to thank anyone who has supported me on this journey and to say that each and every one of your kind words has touched ‘MY HEART’ and made me feel like a pretty special gal.

Tune in tonight to find out if I choose love.

Here goes nothin’!







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After The Men Tell All…

I’ve been overwhelmed with everyone’s support regarding cyber-bullying after Monday’s episode of the Men Tell All.

This is something I feel really passionate about, especially after my experience these last few months. I wanted to take the time to put my feelings and thoughts into words in the hopes that we can make this cyber space a friendlier one.

If anyone knows me, they know that I like to poke fun & “chirp”– all in good fun. I want everyone to know that I can personally handle people’s opinions, I can take some heat, and I might even give some back, because I’m all about a good banter and I knew this was part of it when I signed up to be the next Bachelorette. I tell myself that maybe people forget there is someone on the other end. Maybe they forget that people can read what they write, and they hide behind their computers. Maybe that’s why cyber bullying has become so prevalent.

Right now, I’m a busy bee– but when I have some down time, I like to be able to log into social media and interact with people; unfortunately, my Twitter and Instagram have become a dark place. It breaks my heart because I believe I’m a good person, and have stayed true to myself throughout this whole process.

I believe bullying stems from insecurities– and sure, we all have them, but it’s the way we behave and treat others that speaks to our character. As humans we are dependent on each other for our physical and emotional survival, and the way of the world these days is interactions on social media. It’s a tool we use to make everyone think our lives are nothing but perfect. Do you ever see anyone post pictures of them looking terrible and having a bad day? Possibly miserable people see other people happy and feel the need to attack, to bring others down to where they are, to make themselves feel better. But we need to take a step back and think about what we say to people before hitting that send button.

We need to remind ourselves that spreading hate, or telling someone they should die when we don’t know them is TOO FAR. It’s unacceptable and just downright nasty.

Everyone is different.


For example, my mom is a VERY emotionally sensitive human being. I, on the other hand, am not (although I may not be convincing with all of those tears on the show, but that’s a different story). I’m not insensitive by any means, I’ve just got thick skin and don’t let a lot of what people say affect me (THANK GOD). So when I “chirp” my mom, she takes it personally. I have to take a step back and remember what I am saying, and who I am saying it to. Although I don’t mean it, I could possibly crush her feelings and potentially ruin her day, when really in my mind, it’s a form of flattery if I think I can banter with you.

So when I get Tweets or Instagram comments saying, “you make out with a lot of dudes” or “Ew Kaitlyn’s hair looks terrible.” I can laugh. It’s tough. But fair. And I will probably comment back about how many cats you own, and how your self-esteem needs some work.

That’s my sense of humor.

But when people tell me I should crawl in a hole and die? Or tell me to shut my “diseased whore mouth.” That is NOT ok. Tough, and definitely NOT fair!

Hate is one of the ugliest things in the world,  and I really want to use what’s happened to me to make a change.

I have a beautiful niece and nephew, and I want kids; I refuse to have them live in a world where people can hide behind their computers or phones and try to bring them down. They are young and fragile, and if social media existed the way it does now when I was young, I’m not sure I would have been able to handle it. Do we forget that there have been cases of suicide due to online bullying? I am lucky enough to love who I am, have some sort of voice right now, and I want to use this to make a change.

Instead of trying to go out of your way to ruin someone’s day, why not make someone’s day? Trust me, it’s a satisfying feeling, and I promise you it will feel better than hating on someone.

My good friend Elan Gale, an executive producer of the show, wrote an open letter to trolls and haters on Twitter. I suggest you find it and read it because it’s very interesting. He makes a lot of good points, and the one that resonated with me the most; “The best part of your day shouldn’t be the worst part of someone else’s.”

If you watched Monday’s episode of Men Tell All, you probably heard Chris Harrison reading cruel hate tweets that I have received. Some from mothers, some from Christians, some from people who claim to be happy. I encourage anyone with children to be more aware of their social media activity, and of the way that they treat others. Are they aware that they are spreading hate, and suggesting I am a bad role model, while they are preaching tasteless behavior to their little ones at such an impressionable age?


When it comes to being some sort of an overnight role model, I am not out there preaching for girls to have sex in relationships just because I do. I am preaching to love and own who you are, admit to your mistakes, learn from them, and be happy. If saving yourself for marriage makes you happy and that’s what YOU believe in, then that is wonderful. I would never go on your Twitter or Instagram and start bringing you down for being yourself. I would probably want to high-five you and say “DO YOU BRO!”.

Kurt Cobain said he would rather be hated for who he is than liked for who he is not.

And that my friends might be my favorite quote of all time. I want anyone and everyone to take that into consideration. I want people to love who they are and not be afraid to show it. Maybe you have vulgar humor, no humor, you’re shy, you’re loud, but whatever you are and whoever you are– you OWN IT. If people are going to hate, which sadly someone always will, you don’t have to understand it, but be ok knowing that they don’t like you for who you are, because really, who wants to live a lie and be liked for it?

Sounds exhausting.

Again, Everyone is different. Once in a while, I will jab back at the people who jab me. I will stand up for the people who need me. I will never hate anyone for being themselves. That’s ME.

At the end of the day, you don’t have to take my advice, you don’t have to like me, and you don’t have to watch me on television. BUT for those of you who are interested, I want to take advantage of this opportunity to try and shed some light on the danger that words can cause. When it comes to cyber-bullying, words ARE weapons, there’s no doubt about that. Please, for the sake of all of those youngins who are growing up in a social media fuelled world, think before you post.  



Well that was fun..but SO hard, but amazing.


It’s truly surreal to be done with this incredible chapter of my life. It was an honour to be Bachelorette number 11; I have so much respect for all of the women who have gone through this, and feel so lucky to have been able to have lived this process, because it’s truly a special opportunity.


I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. After all that, I’ve finally met my match, and here he is.

Kaitlyn Cover Image - Bachelorette 11

Just kidding.

You’re going to have to wait and see what happens to ‘ol Kaitlyn, so stay tuned!






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