The Bachelorette opened up many doors for me – and I’m grateful for that. I watched this season to show my support – I tweeted and blogged to share my take on JoJo and her guys. To be honest, the amount of anxiety it gave me was unhealthy. I know too much about what goes on – and sometimes it’s hard when people’s feelings are involved. I get it, Ben and Lauren have a show coming out and were likely invited to the finale to promote it, but I can’t help and wonder how that made Lauren and Jordan feel…Ben was mentioned throughout this entire Bachelorette season of how he hurt JoJo. I just don’t know how comfortable that could’ve been for anyone. Imagine announcing your engagement with your last ex sitting right in front of you! What about inviting JoJo’s family?

I’ll leave you with that thought. Now, let’s jump into the episode…

It felt like JoJo’s family seemed to really like Robby. It’s hard because they don’t see everything that she sees and when you hear one thing from your family, it can really throw you off. That was probably a little difficult for Jordan to watch. Who else was sitting there patiently waiting for her mom to chug wine out of the bottle?? I don’t know what the hell “spirit animal” even means, but she’s mine.

If anyone is close to their family, like I am to mine, try and imagine being cut off from them while making a life altering decision. It’s so hard. Once you finally see them after 10 weeks, you cherish every single thing they see and feel. All you want is for them to verify everything you’re feeling. I was so thankful for how my family accepted both men, but really saw how I was with Shawn. My dad took me aside and said. “Kate, there was a song on one of the Beatles’ albums called ‘I’ve got a feeling’. And after meeting Shawn, I’ve got a feeling.” My whole family did. And now that JoJo’s family sees the two of them together, I’m sure they have that feeling, too.

I have to say, I didn’t like that Jordan didn’t ask for her parents’ blessing in person. Over the phone just doesn’t feel personal, and I don’t understand why he did that. Was he scared? Too nervous that he forgot? I understand it’s a lot of pressure and an overwhelming situation, but you are kind of there to marry this woman. That shouldn’t be something you forget to do in person.

When JoJo made her decision to let go of Robby, I’m sure it wasn’t easy. It is NEVER a good time to hurt people. Especially when they don’t see it coming. A big part of the show is when the final two go up to propose and keep the viewers on their toes. Who’s going to come out of the limo first and what does it all mean?! I wanted to go talk to Nick and explain it myself, but I wasn’t able to change that particular format of the show. And it did give him the chance to let people hear what he had to say. I still hate the thought of doing that. It’s not fair, but again, that’s the show and that’s why people tune in. JoJo told Robby she wanted it to be him. That’s just not something he needed to hear at that point. You need closure, and closure is not an easy thing to give when you have been through a lot with that person. You get closure when you re-watch everything on the season and see the other relationship develop. I do, however, understand that at that point JoJo just wanted to say anything to make him feel better. It’s hard to find the words to say when someone is fake crying. Haha, sorry Robby. I had to.

Also, Chad I was voting for you to be The Bachelor until your episode on Paradise. It’s not funny anymore.

I’m happy for JoJoJo that they are finally done with having a SERIOUS case of the Mondays and now it’s on to the fun stuff. Here’s my advice for the couple:

– Enjoy traveling together, even when it’s stressful. Plan the plane rides like it’s a date night. Play cards, watch movies, have drinks, and join the mile high club.

– DO NOT let tabloids ruin your relationship. Then the magazines win. And we’re all better than trash mags. The headlines are always the same, and it’s just your faces on them for now.

– Save every little moment together. Keep your hotel cards from everywhere you go, and enjoy the chaos.

– Try not to be on your phones all the time. WE ARE GUILTY OF THIS. We love Snapchat too much.

– Have real conversations about family, babies, weddings, friends, life.

– Go to bed mad. I hate the saying, don’t go to bed mad. DO IT. Because chances are you will wake up over whatever dumb thing it was you were arguing about. Might as well get a good sleep.

– Take this time to actually get to know each other and re fall in love. Buy disguises and go for dinner. It’s the best.

– Write each other sticky notes (Shawn does this for me and it makes my day).

– And just know that all the negatives get outweighed by the positives. I feel so incredibly lucky to have found Shawn.

CONGRATULATIONS JoJoJo! We wish you guys nothing but the best.




Last year, the “Men Tell All” episode was one of the hardest episodes for me. I was so emotionally drained from all the hate I had received and I knew we were going to address the bullying. I had a feeling that some of the guys would support me, and some of the others would make me feel bad. It was so difficult to relive all of the hate that I was hit with and was still receiving. I’m glad that the show’s tone was nowhere near that this year. Throw Chad into the mix and how could it be about anything else but him? Seriously, for a good chunk of time there it was the “CHAD Tells All”.

I have to start by saying though, that when Chris Harrison introduced the panel of guys, I said, “who??” at least six times. James S? Jonathan? Brandon? Who are these guys and why were they even there? It was hard to say who got the bigger applause though. Chase or Luke. Those two are definitely The Bachelor contenders. Oh, and believe me when I say I have some ideas for that.

I also wanted to get this out of the way – I still don’t understand Derek and Alex’s beef. What a waste of air time! What I do know is that I hate it when Alex continuously uses terms like “sensitive” and “bitch” to insult the other guys. Then again, maybe I’m just a sensitive bitch.

On to Chad, who got his own dressing room and security detail by the way. You can’t say this show doesn’t play up the drama in a hilarious way at times.

When it came to his behavior, Chad said that during filming, he heard the guys constantly talking about him and it drove him nuts, which led him act the way he did. I doubt that’s the entire reason, but I do believe him being egged on contributed to it for sure. Wells made a great point, admitting that the guys for sure ganged up on Chad. However, he also said it was justified, based on what Chad was saying and doing. Wells, the most rational dude on the subject.

Unlike Nick B, who, out of nowhere, threatened to fight Chad but just ended up looking like a doofus. Take a seat, Santa.

It was also revealed that Evan pushed Chad before he ripped Evan’s shirt at the sex show stand up comedy date. Hmmm, different perspectives. Evan KNEW he was poking the Chad Bear, I’m glad he finally got called out for it.

And about the whole Chad dating Grant and Robby’s exes since the show thing…I actually find it funny. Dude is on another level when it comes to trolling. JoJo nailed it when she refused to respond to his chastising because anyone who does is just playing into his attention grabbing antics and giving him exactly what he wants. AKA – don’t feed the troll. Although, it’s definitely entertaining whenever someone does.

What else happened?

JoJo faced the guys again for the first time since letting each of them go, and you could tell, with the exception of Chad, she was so genuinely happy to see all of them again.

I was so happy to see some of those guys’ faces when it was my episode of “Men Tell All”. Some of the relationships I had formed were friendships that I still cherish. But holy moly is it ever intimidating. Ever had 25 of your ex-boyfriends in one room staring at you…wanting answers? I don’t recommend it. Most importantly, Luke and Chase got their closure – and I really think they should BOTH be the next Bachelor(s)! Let the women decide! Clearly I’m not over this…

Oh and Vinny’s mom is #HairGoals.

Big finale next week!




The episode started where the last one left off…with Luke telling JoJo he loves her right before she was about to cut him. Turns out, she let him go him anyway and Luke was just as shocked as the rest of us. Like, WHAT?!

This situation really shows that communication is key! JoJo and Luke clearly have different love languages. Yes, I swear by this book…JoJo said she didn’t know where Luke stood, but he thought she was right there with him feeling the same things he was feeling. (I just assumed based on all those passionate make-out sessions). I’m also going to go ahead and guess that Luke’s love language is physical touch and JoJo’s is words of affirmation. Girls, remember I said that if he happens to become the next Bachelor.

Here’s a little insider information. Des, Ali and I were actually there for when JoJo was down to her final 4. Our appearance got cut so they didn’t show it BUT I remember she was really struggling with who she was going to send home. We all need to remember this is about how SHE feels. Not how we feel. So, clearly it was between Robby and Jordan…I asked JoJo, does it really matter who you send home and when if it’s clearly between two others?  It was very obvious to us that it was between Robby and Jordan. This is probably why our part got cut. There was no point in talking about 4 guys when it was between 2.

That goodbye led us to the final 3 and overnight dates in Thailand – where I see it’s sweaty as balls.


First up: Robby, where he received his second spa treatment during the filming of this season… that we know of. Robby used his time with JoJo to attempt to brush the whole ex-girlfriend fiasco under the rug, but to me, he came off like he’s trying waaaaay too hard to seem legit. I’m just getting such an overcompensating vibe, combined with his lines to JoJo that are a little too perfect and don’t quite feel genuine. Especially pulling out a note that his dad “slipped” into his pocket was such overkill. “Look, my dad supports me!” What does that prove? All I saw in that note was his dad saying, “Stick to your plan,” which for all we know could be to become the next Bachelor. Yes, I’m suspicious of Robby. Not trying to be accusatory, I’m just suspicious.

Meanwhile, JoJo certainly isn’t hiding the fact that she has trust issues due to what happened with Ben last season. Has the previous Bachelor/Bachelorette ever been brought up this many times in a season?

So, JoJo is making it clear she won’t drop the L-bomb to anyone (even though she’s getting them from the guys left and right) but she does admit in her ITM that she loves Robby.

Robby accepts the fantasy suite invite and the next morning they wake up to breakfast in bed. Big surprise, they didn’t eat the melons!!

Next up, Jordan and JoJo have a date in a temple where no kissing is allowed. Been there, done that!

FullSizeRender copy
Then, at dinner, JoJo brought up Ben again and worries (out loud) what happened with him last season will happen to her this season. Jordan told her she wants to spend the rest of his life with her and she replied, “Yeah, well that’s what Ben said, too!” If there’s one thing I know, it’s that the new people you’re dating always love it when you imply they’re going to screw you over like your ex did.

Wait, no they don’t. Jordan isn’t Ben. If anything, these guys could have the same fear, that she will fall in love with both Jordan and Robby. Which is kinda definitely happening because she admitted she loves Jordan, too.

It’s funny how you don’t quite understand where the last Bachelor was coming from until you’re the Bachelorette, and vice versa. It’s a unique position. I remember being so confused about what happened with Chris, and then being on the other side saying, OHHHH, I get it now. I’m not sure how to even explain it. Even when Ben saw me for the first time after filming The Bachelor, his first words to me were, “I have so much respect for you.” Because it’s something you can’t understand until you are in it. You’re dating multiple people and continuing relationships when in the real world you would only pursue one. It doesn’t feel right, and you’re hurting people’s feelings, but it’s the nature of the beast. It’s The Bachelorette.

So, Jordan, of course, accepted the fantasy suite invite as well and in the morning JoJo used the same line as she used on Robby…”We’re eating our first breakfast together!” Ooo, wonder which guy will have had his first and LAST breakfast with her, though? Maybe this season she picks both and we have a new show called the Brother Husbands. Get it? Like sister wives? Ya, I’m not on my A game today.

Finally, it was Chase’s date and I loved how playful and silly they were…with “the monkeys, and fisherman, saltwater, and fish.” Gotta love those monkeys! I had one of those dates in Bali with Chris. I thought I was this fearless person and then you put a couple monkeys around me and I’m a sissy pants. I don’t know why they freaked me out, actually they were kind of vicious.Except for this little guy.

FullSizeRender copy 2

Gotta say, not a fan of Robby crashing JoJo’s hotel room while she was getting ready for the second part of her date with Chase. Although, I always look at things differently now. I’m sure the producers had something to do with that one. I always laugh thinking about Sean Lowe running after Emily yelling “EMILY, EMMMMILLLLYYYY”. Haha I bet that wasn’t up to him. Somehow, they have a way of making you think doing something embarrassing on national television will go over well.

Let’s get to the most important scene though, which was so painful to watch. In the fantasy suite, Chase not only told JoJo, for the first time, that he loves her, but he also admitted that he’s never been the one to say it first. Big step for Chase and then suddenly JoJo realized she doesn’t feel the same way?

I think Chase basically summed up the theme of the episode when he said, “You never gave it a chance,” and, “So now love equals get the f*** out?” I guess those lines could have applied to Luke, too. But again, that’s how this show works. You have feelings for these guys because you’re building these relationships, and then have to narrow it down. You have to. Otherwise, how would you find “the one”?

Considering her last experience, JoJo said she didn’t want to blindside Chase and that’s why she decided to let him go in the fantasy suite, but he says she blindsided him anyway. Let me just tell you there is NO good time to end these relationships. Every break up in the final 4 will be a blindside. I was so mad on Chris’ season because I felt blindsided. I didn’t want to do that to anyone. But, I did. Like 5 times. Think about it. You pursue these relationships, you don’t talk to, or see the people you’re dating unless cameras and producers are around. You have little time to figure out if someone could be your husband, so you give it your all in the short time you have.  You talk about love and marriage and how you’re feeling, you don’t give them clues that it’s not right for you. The guys don’t see the other relationships developing so they feel like they’re the only ones. You get a lot of closure as one of the contestants watching the season for yourself. You see so much that you didn’t realize was going on. With all of that being said, I do feel like JoJo is acting too much on what happened last time instead of giving herself a fresh start. She was turned into the Bachelorette SO quickly after heartbreak.

The saddest part was Chase saying he regretted telling JoJo he loved her and that he was embarrassed. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about. It’s better to be heartbroken than to hold back and always wonder what could have been. It was also a classy move to come back and to talk to JoJo the next day. This time with a clear head, after he left angry and shocked the previous night. High five Chase.

I did love Chase’s one liner getting into the van though:

“Is this my fantasy suite?!”

And I also enjoyed seeing Jordan and Robby freak out a little seeing Chase briefly return.

So, it’s Jordan and Robby going into Final 2 next week…but first, Men Tell All tonight! Psshh, Men Tell All, more like Chad Tells All. Can’t wait.






Hey guys!

This week is a tag-team blog effort between me and my bestie, Bri. I’m not going to lie, I’ve missed the last two episodes as Shawn, Doodle, and I are making our way to beautiful BC for the summer! My best friend, Bri, has been filling me in on the show. Here’s her recap (and my chime-ins) on the show.

Tag, Bri, you’re in!

B: First things first, I feel like this season has lost its momentum for me as a viewer… It seems like two different seasons in one: The Chad Show and then The Bachelorette! Also, factor in two different Monday breaks and it’s just…dragging…on now. This is not a slag at JoJo at all, but more of the way her season has been presented to us. Straight up snooze fest.

K: I know more than anything (from experience, dude) that JoJo probably just wants this season to end as well. Whatever the outcome, you just want it out there instead of putting your life on pause so the rest of North America can catch up to where you’re at (and have been for a while…) it’s emotionally draining and I want to hug her and tell her to hang in there. So JoJo if you’re reading this, you’ve got this girl.

B: Oh, you didn’t love it when strangers on the Internet would scream at you for “not picking anyone” due to rumours, when you in fact were happily engaged to Shawn?

K: Just as much as I enjoyed reliving and being berated for every decision I had made months ago.

B: You were called everything except boring, so I guess the show went with a new angle this year. Or, maybe The Chad just did so much entertaining that anything would drag after him. I think they could capture my attention more if they cut an hour off the show each week and crammed more into the 60 minutes. By the way, that was ME, Bri, who tweeted last night from Kaitlyn’s Twitter that The Bachelorette this season feels an hour too long each episode. I sign all the tweets I write with my name, Bri, so watch for that next time you feel like chirping Kaitlyn (major key alert: reading comprehension).

With all that said, let’s quickly recap last week… You didn’t miss much, Kaitlyn. Alex and James Taylor finally got cut. Alex didn’t have the chemistry and James Taylor didn’t have anyone left to throw under the bus. Big surprise that those were the two JoJo gave pity roses to the week before…

So that brought us to the final four and hometowns! Kaitlyn, speak up about your experiences during your final four hometown dates as the Bachelorette.

K: I didn’t get those.

B: Right. How about when you brought Chris Soules to your non-hometown of Phoenix, Arizona?

K: Hey, what gives with this show always sluffing my hometown dates?

B: All I remember is feeling like your precious gem of a dad didn’t get enough air time. He deserves his own episode.

K: What a beautiful man.

B: Okay, so let’s sum up JoJo’s hometown dates:

– Chase basically had a therapy session dealing with his parents’ divorce. I felt for him, that’s a tough conversation to have and we like him. Chase was on the case (Paw Patrol reference for the mamas).

– Jordan’s famous NFL star brother, Aaron Rodgers, wasn’t there and they barely mentioned it. Just kidding, it’s all they talked about.

date 1

– Robby possibly broke up with his longtime girlfriend, Hope, just to go on The Bachelorette. Robby was all, “Ohhh, Hope? I thought you said NOPE.”

– And Luke was accidentally cast on The Bachelorette instead of as the romantic male lead in a Nicholas Sparks movie. His full name is actually Luke Pell Eastwood Tatum Hemsworth Gosling.

date 2

Afterwards, JoJo had trouble deciding who to cut so they ended the show as a cliffhanger in an airport hanger. Actually, it was more of a Lukehanger instead of a cliffhanger because nobody is named Cliff…

K: And no one is crying on a cliff this time. Zing! (Hi Chris) 👋🏻

B: Next week there are two episodes…”Fantasy Suites” and “Men Tell All”.

K: Is it sad that I’m most looking forward to Chad returning to the “Men Tell All”?

B: You are not alone in that. I’ll bring the steaks.

K: With a side of whole chicken.

B: Topped with raw sweet potatoes.

K: And a cold cuts salad to start.

B: Sub lettuce with more cold cuts.

K: And pie for dessert.

B: What kind of pie?

K: Chicken pot.

B: Can mine have sprinkles?

K: Only sprinkles of protein powder.

B: That’s a given. And milk to drink because milk is delicious? Did we go too far? Chad would be proud.

K: Yes.




Hey guys! Sorry I couldn’t live tweet. I was too busy nursing my #BieberFever.

Well, well, Wells…do you need a map? Since you clearly can’t find your way out of the friend-zone.

At the beginning of this episode, which took place in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Chris Harrison mentioned they’ve hit the halfway point this season. It also hit Wells that he hasn’t even kissed JoJo yet. Poor Wells put so much pressure on himself to make that happen during his one-on-one with JoJo, his first ever date with her! Andddd his last.

At this point in the process, so many relationships are already starting to develop and get serious making it difficult to start something from scratch so late in the game. So, even though Wells finally kissed her, the connection was not enough for JoJo to continue pursuing. Also, for Wells to tell JoJo that today finally felt like his “Day 1”, when she’s already close to “overnight dates level” with some of the other guys (ahem… LUKE…), it’s just too little, too late. Wells shouldn’t be surprised that JoJo let him go.

It sort of reminded me of my time with Chris (cupcake).

Except, in this situation, there were far less tears from Wells… but, not quite as much sweat as me in Bali when I was on The Bachelor. ZING. I just zinged myself. Sometimes, there isn’t time to build romance. Sometimes, you know you care about someone, like I cared about cupcake, but in a different way. Chris is still to this day a great friend of mine.

Onto the group date with Luke, Jordan, Alex, Robby and a very self-conscious James Taylor. James went into the date feeling like he was surrounded by a bunch of sexy front runners, but that he wasn’t one of them. It’s hard being compared to other people. I know from experience. You’re all dating the same person, who would enjoy that?

jojo blog 2

However, I didn’t agree with how James handled it. At one point, when they were alone, JoJo noticed he was “off”. Instead of just telling her he felt down about himself, he decided to throw Jordan, who he probably sees as his biggest threat, under the bus. James warned JoJo that Jordan can come off as entitled and bossy and insinuated he’s there for fame. Yikes.

You can tell JoJo doesn’t love it when anyone messes with Jordan, so she wanted to hear his side of the story too, and in doing so, had to let Jordan know James was the one who told her. I’m sorry, but not everything you tell The Bachelorette will necessarily be in confidence. In my season, when Joshua told me that all the guys on my season were lying to me, I had to bring it up to the group. The biggest decision of my life was on the line! So I get why JoJo had to tell Jordan what James said about him…

Of course, this led to an awkward moment afterward when Jordan and James were sitting together on the couch. At first, Jordan was silently fuming and James was playing dumb, but Jordan finally let him have it. In the end, both of them left roseless anyway as Luke was the one who got the group date rose because DID YOU SEE THAT MAKE OUT?

With that said, I would have rather seen James open up about himself. I really think he should have just honestly told her he was feeling insecure instead of trying to bring someone else down. Whether he was right about Jordan’s attitude or not.

The final date was another two-on-one and the second one this season. This time, nobody was going to be lurking in the woods afterwards. Yes, the same rules applied – one stays and one goes. At least Derek got a ride home. Oh, Derek…He went into this two-on-one so confident, but JoJo was concerned he was falling behind since their first date (the first of the season).

Meanwhile, she was worried that Chase wasn’t as into her as she was into him. He was shocked that JoJo was even questioning his strong feelings for her, but I totally get it. JoJo is right when she says The Bachelorette needs validation and reassurance, too! I know when we were on the show, I needed that with Shawn. And even after. Just because you’re the “lead” doesn’t mean you aren’t human.  It goes both ways.

I have to say though, how perfect was incorporating that performance of ‘Don’t Cry For Me Argentina’ while Derek was trying not to cry in the car ride home? Nailed it.

At the rose ceremony, Chase and Luke went in with roses, Robby and Jordan were each given a rose, and then JoJo left the room before “the final rose”. What a great psych out! James Taylor and Alex were both so worried that it meant they were both going home, but she actually returned with an extra rose so they could both get one. Daww!

Sweet James Taylor was the happiest kid in the candy store about it, however, Alex found it insulting. He called it a “pity” rose, adding he wants a one-on-one date to prove himself. Careful what you wish for…I predict a one-on-one date will go about as well for Alex as it did for Wells.

Next week is the episode before hometowns, where JoJo will have to make major cuts in order to decide whose families she wants to meet. Maybe if she’s lucky, they’ll actually be in their hometowns…

Until next week!




Well, even with Chad being truly gone six minutes into this episode, there still wasn’t any shortage of drama. Who would have known?!

I have to say, that thing with Chad briefly returning didn’t make a lot of sense to me. Why did he come back? Clearly it wasn’t to apologize, despite Jordan giving him the floor to do so. I guess it was just to argue with the guys one last time. Save something for the Men Tell All!

Even though Chad Bear is officially dunzo, there’s a brand new “Bad Chad” to worry about. Turns out, JoJo has an ex-boyfriend who is also named Chad and he has now wormed his way into TWO of JoJo’s attempts to find love. If you recall, he messed with JoJo on her
hometown date on Ben’s season of The Bachelor. We’ll call him Tabloid Chad just to differentiate between the two Chads…


Apparently, Tabloid Chad went to In Touch Weekly to claim JoJo didn’t have honest intentions as The Bachelorette. I feel her ex could be being opportunistic in gossiping to a tabloid about JoJo. However, it still worried her guys.

I had a similar BS article written about me when I was filming my season of The Bachelorette… and then many more after that. Unfortunately, it goes with the territory! (And it makes standing in the check out line at the grocery store hella awkward.) One time my dad called me from my small town Leduc, Alberta asking me if I was pregnant because he was getting groceries and that was on the cover of two magazines. He had no idea they were all BS so he seemed so upset and nervous. Poor dad!!! I reassured my family, and myself, that the headlines are always the same. The pictures just change with who’s in the spotlight. Like how many times has Jennifer Aniston been pregnant? I’ve lost count.

It sucks that not only are these magazines allowed to print such garbage, but also that JoJo had to deal with a petty/vindictive ex trying to bring her down when she’s already moved on.

Thankfully, the guys believed her when she explained the situation to them, but it’s brutal she was even put in that position in the first place. Some of those guys (her final guy or the next Bachelor) might be finding themselves the subject in those trashy mags soon too and
they’ll know firsthand just how frustrating it is.

I always wonder how gossip magazine writers sleep at night. They’re getting paid to try and bring others down. Shawn and I would be on cloud nine and read that we had already broken up. We turned down A LOT of money and a few crazy opportunities because we wanted to get to know each other and not be about the fame. Yet there were articles, some written by guys from my season, on how we were in it for the money.

Let’s get into the dates in Uruguay.

Was it just me or did some of the guys have trouble pronouncing Uruguay? I was having flashbacks to Chris’ season when we went to New Mexico and Megan didn’t realize we
weren’t in actual Mexico.

With both Chads finally out of the picture, it didn’t take long for some of the guys to find a new enemy (Derek) while others realized who their true threat seems to be (Jordan).

The first international one-on-one date went to Jordan, who had a little explaining to do himself. This part confused me a bit, but somehow, at some point, JoJo met a girl Jordan used to date (and she only realized this now?!). This girl did not have the most flattering
things to say about Jordan, so JoJo confronted him with that. Jordan did admit that he wasn’t a great boyfriend during a rollercoaster time in his life/career, but insisted he never cheated on his ex. JoJo believed him, end of conversation. Cue to street dancing.

Robby also had a one-on-one where he emerged as a serious contender by dropping the L-bomb on JoJo. I guess when you know, you know? This show IS dating on steroids. So I get it… In every day life you date someone, you possibly text them that night, but if you’re playing it cool, you wait. You maybe go on a few more dates, and talk about your every day life. On The Bachelorette, you talk about marriage right off the bat. You put all your cards on the table and you tell that person exactly how you feel. If Robby felt that in that moment, I’m proud of him for letting her know. Ballsy, yet vulnerable and honest.

As for the group date in Uruguay, it was completely focused on Derek feeling jealous, resulting in JoJo giving him the group date rose to reassure him. This, of course, did not sit well with certain guys. Mainly Alex.

Derek had the first date of the entire season, and it’s always difficult to go from having the first date to just watching everyone else get their dates/get close to the person you first felt a connection with while knowing your date was so long ago. So, I understand why JoJo wanted to reassure Derek that she still felt something for him. I don’t understand why anyone else made such a big deal over it, but I guess Alex can’t function unless he’s focused on another guy in the house.

So, before the rose ceremony, Derek called Alex, Chase, Robby and Jordan out, accusing those four of acting like a high school clique. That’s just asking for them to write about him in their burn book. Nothing really got resolved, but all five of them made it another week. Although, Derek will have to find his own seat on the next airplane ride because you just know Alex will say, “YOU CAN’T SIT WITH US!!”

We are down five guys this episode, which is exciting because that’s when we can really start to see the serious relationships flourish! At the beginning of the episode, back in Nemacolin, JoJo said goodbye to James F and our crazy Canadian, Daniel, who almost gave us as convincing of a speech about how good looking he is (as Ian did in my season campaigning to be the next Bachelor).

Then, by the end of the episode, Grant, an emotional Vinny and Evan were all eliminated, too. Poor Evan left with both a broken heart AND a ripped t-shirt. Tough bounce.

Hey, I’m starting to really think this IS the remake of Mean Girls:

  • Chase, Alex, Robby and Jordan are Regina, Gretchen, Karen, and Cady
  • Derek is Janice Ian
  • JoJo is Aaron Samuels
  • Chris Harrison is Ms. Norbury
  • James Taylor is Kevin G (sick beats)
  • Luke is Glen Coco (you go, Glen Coco!)
  • Wells, uhh, he doesn’t even go here
  • Evan is Damian, he wants his (pink) shirt back!!
  • And Chad is Amber D’Alessio, he made out with a hot dog

See ya next week!!




Hi! My name is Bri and it’s bestie takeover week! Kaitlyn and I are best friends who have known each other for over 20 years. We grew up across the street from each other in good old Leduc (Alberta, Canada) and somewhere along the way, our brains morphed into one. You know how it is with your bestie. That’s us too.


So that’s why, while Kaitlyn is on vacation in Hawaii (not jealous AT ALL), she asked me to live-tweet and blog about The Bachelorette for her. I may not have the same level of inside information as her; being that she was actually The Bachelorette last year… but I did force her to apply for The Bachelor, then will her in my mind to become The Bachelorette, fall in love, and get engaged to a sweet stud like Shawn. Therefore, I’d like to think I had a liiiiittttle something to do with it.

So if you’re still with me, let’s recap these back-to-back episodes!

Well, they’ve officially changed the name of the show from The Bachelorette to The Chadlorette! No they didn’t, but they should have. Actually, ABC went with the promo tagline: CHADageddon! Also appropriate.

In Monday’s episode, we saw a one-on-one with Chase, a one-on-one with James Taylor, and a group date full of aggression with a side of whiny baby, so let’s power through those individual dates and get to that fiasco.

First, Chase and JoJo took a hot yoga class and the whole time I was worried about her sweating all her makeup off, but by some miracle, she didn’t. Their instructor began their one-on-one by asking them how long they’ve been intimate, which is awkward considering it was their first date, but still not as awkward as tooting in downward-facing dog. It happens. The class ended with a steamy make-out session between JoJo and Chase, because what else do you do when you’re straddling the guy during a breathing exercise one inch from his face? No surprise that the date ended with a rose because… did you see Chase?

Later, (I realize this is out of order but I’m getting it out the way) James Taylor and JoJo took an old-timey dance class with the cutest little gem to ever appear on the show since my bestie, Kaitlyn… a sweet soul named Jean who also happens to be a 92 year old dance teacher! Honestly though, I was more in love with Jean (which wasn’t hard to be) than I was with James Taylor and JoJo’s chemistry. As much as I think James Taylor is probably a genuine, nice guy; his screen time so far has come off more like an audition for The Voice. The guy is talented, yes! He’s just way more likely to leave the show with a recording contract than a romantic relationship with JoJo is all. That’s still a win, right?

For the group date, Chad, being Chad, was pissed that his name was actually ON the group date card which the guys took to mean that he didn’t want to spend time with JoJo. Chad simply just didn’t want to spend time with THEM, but of course, he overreacted by verbally attacking everyone in the room, as Chad does.

The group date took place at some sort of a ‘Sex Talk’ show, where funny people were supposed to share hilarious sex stories. (Still waiting on those hilarious sex stories.) The scene reminded me a lot of Kaitlyn’s comedy date with Amy Schumer, aka the best group date idea in Bachelor/ette history. But it’s too bad Amy wasn’t there to help some of these sad schmucks out with what NOT to say (Daniel, you randomly cut someone’s hair during sex, wtf??) or put any of them in their place the way she did with JJ. Amy, you’re missed.

After some cringe-worthy anecdotes, Evan, as an expert in the erectile dysfunction profession, decided to direct his “sex talk” to Chad and the dangers of steroid use. Oh, he went there. Immediately following this, Chad, clearly unhappy about being not-so-subtly accused of juicing, pulled on Evan’s shirt like a grabby giant toddler. Immaturity all around.

Then, it was Chad’s turn to hit the stage (not literally, although it would have been believable) but instead of sharing a sex story, he asked JoJo to join him so he could unknowingly humiliate himself. In a fail of a smooth move attempt, he tried to kiss JoJo in front of the other guys but she turned her cheek, denying him. At least Chad took it well! Wait, no, he didn’t, he punched a door. Way to show everyone you don’t have roid rage.

This entire incident eventually led to Evan’s ultimatum with JoJo. We’re talking the third episode in and this guy is giving The Bachelorette ultimatums. Basically Evan told JoJo that if Chad stays, he goes… Dude, that’s risky and I’m shocked that not only did JoJo keep Evan, but she also gave him the group date rose?! That’s nothing but a pity rose, Evan. Chad wasn’t impressed either but when he made a scene, JoJo basically told him to shut it. Yes, JoJo, loving the sass! I know the sassmaster herself, Kaitlyn, also would have told Chad to, “Zip it. Zip it good.”

Meanwhile, due to all of Chad’s threats and outbursts, the Bachelor producers apparently hired a security guard (or an actor to play a security guard, were we supposed to believe that guy could take Chad??) in case he attempted to murder his roommate Derek in his sleep, or something. At the same time, Daniel, the Vancouverite we wish we could kick out of Canada, asked Chad to take it down a notch by starting a conversation with the words, “Let’s pretend you’re Hitler.”

Daniel, this is exactly why we want to fire you from your job as a ‘Canadian’.

At the end of the episode, when Chris Harrison showed up to announce there would be a pool party instead of a cocktail party, Evan followed him outside to tell on Chad (and sidebar: if this hosting the Bachelor franchise thing ever ends, Chris Harrison would make a great elementary schoolyard mediator.) Harrison had a chat with Chad next and asked him to play nice so… problem solved! Chad happily agreed and skipped away in the sunset holding hands with Evan.

Actually, no, he threatened to cut off everyone’s limbs.


In Tuesday’s episode, we began with Chad’s weak attempt at settling things with the guys to which Evan demanded a new shirt and an apology. He received neither, only a scoff from Chad and the empty promise of, “I’ll give you 20 bucks.” Somewhere Evan is still anxiously waiting for that e-transfer, password: rawsweetpotato.

At the pool party though, the energy finally seemed a lot more relaxed for a change. Evan also got the first of two bloody noses he would get in this episode. No, Chad didn’t make him bleed, Evan got that all on his own. Hmm… promos aren’t always what they seem, are they?!

Also noteworthy was JoJo and Jordan’s moment by the pool where, just by their body language alone, it’s obvious to see he’s way ahead of anyone else in JoJo’s mind. Hey Evan, worry less about Chad and more about Jordan.

Seemingly everyone else, including Derek, just used their time with JoJo to complain about “the Chad bear”, which he overheard and called Derek out for. Derek stood his ground though, as best as one can when dealing with someone so irrational. The real victim was the inflatable pool flamingo Chad kicked.

But even after everything that went down, Chad would last at least another week because at the rose ceremony, JoJo eliminated Christian, Ali, and Nick B. Yes, Santa would have to take the old sleigh back to the North Pole instead of Pennsylvania where the guys were off to next as they left the Bachelor mansion for good.

In Pennsylvania, Luke got the only one-on-one date of the week, which required him to chop wood in order to heat a wood fire hot tub. Why does such a thing exist?? The most amount of work I want to do before getting into a hot tub is pour a glass of wine. Luke also opened up to JoJo about his time as a platoon leader in Afghanistan and how losing a close friend in action shaped him to be the man he is today. It’s clear JoJo is into Luke, as is the rest of Bachelor nation.

Cut to the next part of their date which involved JoJo and Luke slow dancing / making out on a raised platform at a concert while hundreds of people recorded with them with their phones. It’s crazy that this show can edit that to look romantic, because that sounds like my nightmare.

Next up was the group date at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh. The guys were split in to two football teams, blue and white, and the stakes couldn’t have been higher. (I said stakes not STEAKS, Chad. Get outta here.) The winning team would get to spend more time with JoJo, and the losing team would have to go back to the hotel and listen to Alex and Chad’s pre-2-on-1 smack talk, so nobody wanted to lose.

We were reminded yet again that Jordan has pro quarterback experience, so of course he wasn’t going anywhere. But it had to be James Taylor (team blue) who fought the hardest to stay after he got a football to the face and refused to leave for medical treatment. But hey, he did get to wear a cool head bandage with blood trickling down his face. Meanwhile Evan (also team blue), well, he just got another random bloody nose. Dude, I’m worried about you. Even so, the blood team, I mean BLUE team, ended up winning.

All that mattered about the blue team’s extra time with JoJo was that make-out session between Robby and JoJo on the pool table. (Oh HEY Robby, look who is in the running now.) Yet, it was Jordan who got the group date rose. You could actually pinpoint the moment Robby’s heart ripped in half, just like Ralph Wiggum’s when Lisa Simpson publicly rejected him.

Finally, the moment everyone was waiting for… the 2-on-1 with Chad and Alex. This would be an unappealing wilderness hike full of uncomfortable silences on a cold, wet day. Aren’t they always the best? (And never between two contestants who stand a chance anyway, like Kaitlyn’s with Joe Bailey and JJ.) However, the morning of the date, Chad overheard Jordan talking about him, so he did the most unreasonable thing he could think of. He threatened Jordan’s safety, essentially handing Alex the golden ticket he needed to stay. Chad should have just pinned the rose on Alex himself after that.

So of course, when the time came, Alex told JoJo of this threat. Instead of immediately cutting Chad loose though, she actually got very emotional and struggled with her decision to let him go. She definitely felt for Chad since his mother passed away only six months prior, but at the same time, she just could not condone the threats of violence, especially since Chad didn’t exactly deny it. Therefore, Alex got the rose. Anyone else think he was more happy to see Chad go than he was to kiss JoJo? Who will he and Evan obsess over now?!

Back at the hotel, the guys celebrated when they saw Chad’s luggage being take away until… uh, Chad seems to not actually leave at all as we see him lurking at the door.

CLIFFHANGER AGAIN. This time, we have to wait two weeks to see what happens.

Maybe he just wanted a meatball for the road?

Alright, thank you for reading and following along with my tweets during bestie takeover week. It was fun, even if I ruffled a few feathers. Oopsie! Some people weren’t pleased when I chirped Evan for tattling. I just think both he and Alex needed to focus on their own relationships with JoJo instead of constantly fixating on someone obnoxious.

As for Chad, I’m just relieved he wasn’t cast on Kaitlyn’s season. Think of all the other BS she was put through, imagine adding a “Chad” on top of everything else?! Hey, odds are Ryan McDill could have been the Chad of her season, but I guess we’ll never know.

I’m just glad she found Shawn through it all, and I hope JoJo finds her man too. Looks like she’s on her way…

Anyway, you get your girl Kaitlyn and all her honest / hilarious insight back to recap next episode. Thanks for having me! 🙂

xo Bri


It’s safe to say, we all know who this season’s villain is. It’s definitely Brandon. Just kidding – who is that anyway?

This week’s episode kicked off with a firefighter-themed group date – and Daniel reminisced about the last time he pulled a hose like that (back home at his apartment). Okay, Daniel – that’s way too much info.

Can we extinguish him?


Wells struggled throughout the date, but hey, at least it earned him some extra time with JoJo (and a group date rose).

But it all came down to Grant and Luke in the firefighting challenge. They were on a mission to save JoJo from a building that, well, wasn’t on fire, but had fire burning next to it. Hey Luke, don’t feel too bad about losing to an ACTUAL FIREFIGHTER.

Meanwhile, Chad was back at the Bachelor mansion doing chin-ups using a suitcase (full of protein powder) as a weight belt. Resourceful. This set the theme for the rest of the episode. Last week it was all about the junk references, this week it was all about Chad, protein references, and then even more Chad. He didn’t play nice and refused to participate in group sing-a-longs about JoJo (and went for the meat platter instead). I’m guessing Chad regularly orders steak sandwiches, but swaps the toast for another steak, with a side of steak.

Derek and JoJo embarked on a one-on-one adventure date that led them to their destination. It was all based on the choices they made together. The first decision was: SKY or SEA – and they had to answer at the exact same time. They both chose ‘sky’ and ended up on a private plane. The second choice was: NORTH or SOUTH. They chose ‘north’ and the plane flew them to San Francisco. The final choice came down to Lombard Street or the Golden Gate Bridge. Obviously you gotta choose the GGB!

Then, they faced the most difficult question of all, “If you were a chick, who’s the one guy you would sleep with?” JOHN STAMOS. What? Did they just become best friends? Yup. (Whoops, no wait that was the movie Step Brothers).

At the end of the date, we learned that Derek was cheated on by his ex a few years ago. I bet that girlfriend is kicking herself now. He got a kiss and a rose – and I can’t help but wonder if JoJo took Ali’s advice to ignore the guys she likes the most (at least for the first couple of weeks).

Back at the mansion, the guys were still singing their one-word song: “J-JJJJ-Jo-Jo!” I’m not gonna lie, it needs work. Mix in some other lyrics. Of course, Daniel and Chad were outside bonding instead. Ugh, I smell a new bromance (and it smells like lunch meat).

The second group date was at ESPN with ‘Sports Nation’ turned ‘Bachelor Nation’. It included a series of short sports-themed games. Jordan was expected to do well in the competition, throwing in the fact that his brother is NFL quarterback, Aaron Rodgers. I’m guessing this will come up more than once.

Chad took offence to the date card, which read, “prove your love” – it caused a lot of drama on the date. A silly marriage proposal contest quickly turned into an awkward moment. Chad called JoJo “naggy” for wanting him to tell her what he “loves” about her. Shawn told me I was “naggy” once. (I kind of was). But ask him how well that went for him…

Then came the fake sports press conference. Again, Chad refused to “suck up” to JoJo or say what he “loves” about her, because he doesn’t know yet. Fair enough. It came out wrong, but it also seemed like JoJo found his (brutal) honesty refreshing. I’ve been in that position. Being a contestant and gushing over someone you barely know is hard – and you feel as though you’re acting. When you go on that show and tell yourself you’re going to be real – you want to stay true to yourself.

Later, Chad revealed that his mom died six months ago and that he’s been taking care of her little Maltese Yorkie ever since. You can’t fault JoJo for trying to find that softer side in Chad. We’re yet to find out if she will get more of that rarely seen side of him. One thing is for sure. He got a kiss.

It was James Taylor, one of the many James-es-es who got the group date rose, for writing JoJo a cute little song. There are too many guys named James here, though. We’ll call this one Humble McGee.

At the cocktail party, the guys realized Chad was missing. It turns out, he waited outside to greet JoJo with a glass of wine. This did not sit well with – well, mainly Alex. But when Alex, Jordan, and a few other silent spectators went to confront him, he was too busy in the kitchen stocking up on meat-on-a-stick.

(Can you blame him? Who doesn’t love samplers?)

Also, the catering that goes on in that kitchen is just magical. You barely eat because you’re busy doing interviews all day, and – it’s Chad. Gotta hit that calorie count. Maybe it’s bulking season? Who knows?

While some guys were busy worrying about Chad, Chase was outside making it snow. He didn’t get a date this week, so he decided to set up a mini date instead. That was smooth. Someone just secured his rose!

Finally, at the rose ceremony, three guys (who you never grew attached to anyway) were let go. Is it too early to start a James S the Bachelor Super Fan campaign? It’d be his dream come true.

Honestly, if Chad didn’t get a rose, there’d be nothing to talk about. The previews for the double episodes next week make you really want to watch. I remember keeping Tony and loving it. People thought I was nuts, but I was like, “oh man this guy is gonna make good TV”.

The episode ended with a bonus clip of Christian surprising JoJo with a bath in his tight little speedo. Yes, it’s what every woman dreams of – a bubble bath (with a guy she barely knows) who’s wearing a banana hammock and after she’s just spend 4 hours getting ready. I can think of a hot tub session with a third wheel eating chicken wings, which was less painful than that.

Who’s ready for the double episode on Monday and Tuesday next week!

Who stays? Who goes? Will they run out of meat? Nobody knows.




Okay, I might be a little late to the party – but it’s better late than never, right?! It’s been one heck of a week and I’ve finally had a sec to spill my thoughts on Monday’s episode of The Bachelorette.

I can’t tell you how excited I am for this new season. I’m happily passing the torch – and by “passing the torch”, I fully mean forcing JoJo to take it. I physically threw it at her and screamed TAKE IT!!

When my season was airing, I dealt with overwhelming anxiety every Monday (and Tuesday through Sunday). I was eager to see my love story with Shawn unfold, but experiencing scrutiny from what felt like everyone over EVERY tiny thing I did – from my appearance to my choices – was difficult. I’m happy to have done the show, because it inevitably led me to Shawn. But once the season was over – we were so glad to finally just be together. The constant scrutiny died down and we were free to enjoy our time alone. When you’re in love, all you want to do is shout it from the top of a mountain – or accidentally Snapchat it. Whatever.

KB Season

I imagine JoJo might be feeling some of that all-consuming stress right now. Girl, you’ll get through it! If I can, anyone can. And I already know JoJo will be a great bachelorette! So guys, take it easy on her.

With that said, let’s take a look at the first week!

The episode reminded us that on The Bachelor, Ben told JoJo he would never blindside her – and then he kind of did. And by kind of – I mean he straight up blindsided her. Hey, it happens. Some of us unlucky ones know what that feels like from both sides. Neither is fun. So, I think by now America and JoJo are all, “Ben there, done that!” (DANGIT, I’m going to miss the Ben play-on-words, but there are just as many JoJo puns to come). It’s time to move forward with 25 new men for JoJo, but first, a little advice from some pretty sweet former bachelorettes.



First, I told JoJo that my only regret was living in the moment so much that I didn’t take the time to breathe and take a step back. Being the bachelorette is like being in a glass case of emotions. When you’re always living in the moment, it comes with stress, confusion and anxiety.

By the way, I didn’t realize we were supposed to dress up for that! #ChucksAllDayEveryDay.

What you didn’t see was that after we gave JoJo her little pep talk, everyone left except for me. I waited around to give advice to the other bachelorette – but then I realized THERE’S ONLY ONE THIS YEAR! My bad. So, I made myself useful – cleaned the driveway, filled the limos with gas, checked that the pool was a good temperature (in case a drunk contestant were to take a plunge)– and then left.

Now JoJo was ready to meet her guys. But nobody promised they would all be decent…

jojo and guys

Here are my first impressions! It doesn’t include everyone, just a few standouts (not all of them for positive reasons).

GRANT: the firefighter who promised JoJo he would not fall in love with two girls, like Ben did with her. Way to bring up a sore spot! And, he even thought that there were two bachelorettes this season. So, that only happened to Britt, and me huh?

JORDAN: oh, I think it’s safe to say JoJo likes Jordan. Plus, he has the second best hair in Bachelorette history. I think you all know that first place goes to Shawn to the mother effin’ B. Let’s not forget who got my first impression rose…


JAMES S: the Bachelor super fan, clearly more excited to meet Chris Harrison than JoJo herself. Buddy, you’re scaring us.

EVAN: the guy who works at an erectile dysfunction clinic and is going to run with that as long as possible. He was hitting us left and right with erection one-liners! The D innuendos didn’t end with him either. No, seriously, so many junk references this year! What’s up with that?

ALI: precious little pianist. I said PIANIST.

LUKE: cutie. We like him for JoJo, right? Sure his unicorn entrance was a little cheesy, but it caught my attention.

COCONUT: I love you.

ROBBY: takes swigs straight out of the bottle. I like his style.

WILL: hey, you dropped those cards on purpose. And where can I send you a sympathy card for that sad first kiss?

CHAD: oh, you’re coming off a little cocky, aren’t ya?

DANIEL: damn Daniel, you make it seem like we just got access to the worldwide web up in Canada – “have you been following the Internet”? Also, no, it’s not customary for Canadians to poke strangers in their belly button. We only do that when we meet the Pillsbury Doughboy, and THAT is a worldwide known fact. Finally, it’s never a good idea to strip down and jump into the pool on night one. Ask Ryan McDill how that turned out for him.

JON: the other Vancouver guy. He says he is of Scottish and Chinese heritage but assures JoJo he’s Scottish below the waist. Har har har. Girls love it when guys reference the size of their D (peppered in with some stereotyping) all in the first few seconds of meeting each other. I can’t believe he didn’t get a rose! Not.

NICK B: aka Saint Nick aka Santa Claus. First of all, I know you’re not the real Santa Claus. I’m old enough to know how it works. But I also know that you work for him. And I’m pretty sure the real Santa would fire you for that “Jo-Jo-Jo” business. No, no, NO.


(I so badly want to give you my personal picks for JoJo, but there’s a reason why I can’t. I’ll fill you in later).

Finally, we’re on to the rose ceremony. As if the first night already isn’t long enough – Jake Pavelka stalls things further by strolling in 18 hours late for our Bachelorette pep talk with JoJo! I’m kidding – he wasn’t invited to that. He crashes the ceremony and makes it terribly awkward for the guys (and JoJo). What was the point?

See you on the wings of love, Jake.

The previews for the rest of the season make it seem like there’s a guy with a girlfriend back home, another one might have anger issues and there’s a definite rivalry between two other guys. Then a bad boy tempts JoJo, she falls in love with more than one guy and someone gets a mom haircut (I made that last one up).

It all looks dramatic AF.

I’m here to tell you, it may or may not be the most dramatic season in Bachelorette HERstory. But I do hope it ends with JoJo being happy.

She deserves it!




My Experience on the Bachelorette



HELLO MONDAY!!! The day of the week I used to dread, and now embrace!

I used to dread Mondays. What will the episode’s look like? What will people judge me for? How many people would like me? How many would I piss off? It was an overwhelming amount of pressure, especially given the title of “the most controversial bachelorette”.

My most commonly asked question every single day is: how was my experience on The Bachelorette? In a nutshell, it was crazier, more stressful and more exciting than I could have ever imagined! I also hadn’t thought about the whole emotional roller coaster that would happen when we were done filming, and once the show was airing. I soon realized the power of editing, and the harsh realities of what I had signed up for by agreeing to be on a reality TV show quickly hit me.
Some days were great, and I had so much fun, globe-trotting with handsome guys, going on extravagant dates, feeling like I was in the driver seat, and calling the shots. Other days, I couldn’t get out of bed. I didn’t know how I would get through a group date with 10 guys, and some of them I knew I had no feelings for. Some days I was running on 1 hour sleep, a body full of booze, cramps and zits. Definitely not the ideal combo to feeling my best– and on national TV at that! No matter how I felt though, the show had to go on, and I would have to lead the date with smiles and full energy. Every hour of sleep counted to recharge my batteries, and I would pray my adrenaline would kick in, yet again. Having a connection with Shawn early on kept me excited about moving on, and without him knowing, he built my confidence when I would need it most.

During my experience on the show, I was only surrounded by producers, and a group of guys who I wasn’t sure were actually falling in love with me, or just wanted to stay in the Bachelor mansion another week. At the same time, I wasn’t sure if I was falling in love with them either, or if it was the romantic setting and the idea that I was falling for.

On Chris Soules’ season of the Bachelor, the producers became my family. Not having a phone, the internet, friends, and family became so lonely. I confided and trusted producers and cast–it quickly became my new reality, sometimes forgetting we were filming a TV show.

This was definitely a once in a lifetime experience, and I don’t use the term ONCE loosely. I couldn’t do it again. One, because I found the love of my life, but secondly, I don’t think I could physically and emotionally do it again.

A total candid moment that I’ll share with you guys… I lost hair… I woke up with 2 bald spots due to stress. I would watch wrinkles form on my face, and I could just feel my body and mind breaking down. The only thing keeping me going, was knowing that this was such a unique and crazy opportunity and that this would all be worth while if I found my guy throughout this process.

I love our story, and I’m excited to tell our kids one day that Shawn and I met on The Bachelorette. I’ve met amazing people because of the show and I learned a lot about myself.

Who would have ever thought that going on a TV show would be the most difficult thing I’ve done to date, but also the most rewarding?! Sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same. ***




Photo Credit | Karolina Turek