I’m one of the lucky ones with 20/20 vision, but I’ve always had this thing for glasses. I rock them to change my outfits, not my eyesight! Some people have this infatuation with sky-high heels, but mines always been about frames – I’m nerdy like that. sells theirs for such a reasonable price, and slowly my collection has been getting out of hand! The best part is – even if you don’t need a prescription, you can order lenses with digital screen protection and shield your eyes from blue-violet light emitted by digital screens.

I’m drawn to glasses that are refined, fashionable and feminine. But I’m also not afraid to have a little fun and try something with a print or a bolder colour. I’m big on sunglasses and you’ll spot me wearing them when I sneak into a Starbucks or get off an 8-hour flight. Instant glam.

Glasses are my go-to and I’m a fan. I’ve teamed up with and curated my very own capsule collection that I’m excited to share with you! If you’re feeling festive, pick up a few and slip them into your friends’ holiday stockings, too. They’re made to order so hurry and place your order today, so that you get it by Christmas! Shipping usually takes 7-14 days, but I can promise you, it is definitely worth the wait.



2 thoughts on “THEY CALL ME FOUR EYES

  1. Adrianna Lakich says:

    Hello, first I want to say I’m a huge fan of you and I think you are a great role model. I am 24 and look to you for many things. I loved how open and funny you were on the Bachelor and Bachelorette. You really show who you are. You are really one in a million. I have a question for you. I love the grey sweater, where did you get it?

  2. Esethu says:

    hellow K, nice reading through your blog… happy to say i was not a fan of the Bachelorette till you came…i love seeing you happy..m and talking about women stuff that i can relate to… “im also a four eyes sassy girl” i love your Style…. Esethu, South Africe

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