I’m going to take a shot in the dark and say that 99.99% of fans that read my blog are female. So, I thought this would be a great read for all of you ladies out there!! At some point in your life, you will be invited to a ladies-only, cocktail-fuelled weekend – also known as a bachelorette party. Did you know that in Canada we call them stagettes?!

I actually just got back from a bachelorette weekend – and while it’s still fresh in my mind, I thought I’d give you some suggestions for outfits, as well as a packing list! Usually, bachelorette parties are in the spring or summer – just before wedding season. All the outfits are cute, little summer get ups. Sabo Skirt was CLUTCH for me on this trip. Their clothes are comfortable, affordable, and ADORBS! They are based out of Australia.

First thing’s first. Make sure you pack a camera! Buying a camera has inspired me to be creative and to take more pictures of my surroundings. Nowadays, phone pics are definitely good quality, but there’s something old school and fun about having an actual camera.

Let’s get to it…

This outfit is the perfect example of something that’s a staple. It’s just a simple off-white knit tank with tassels and high waisted jean shorts. You can rock it with flip-flops or heels, but I love the western feel and paired it with my favourite little, red booties. It’s my “I’m not at a club, but I still wanna dance” outfit.

KB image 1

This next one can be kept casual, or can be dressed up. It’s a little white dress made out of the softest material. You can wear it with flip-flops or wedges! Just don’t wear it to someone else’s BIG day – major faux pas. It’s the perfect dress for a boozy brunch – my “keep those mimosas comin’…” get up.

KB white dress

The third one is one of my favs. It’s a white crop top paired with silky high waisted shorts. Can you tell I’m really into tassels these days? I’m all about crop tops and high waisted shorts. I think it’s a super flattering and edgy look. This is a fun one for going out, because you can dress it up with jewelry and heels. It’s my “I like to sip champagne and get real low” look.

KB image 3

This outfit below is NOT ideal for golfing so I have no idea why I’m posing on a putting green – just trying to get creative, okay people? Mom said it was a good idea and she was my photographer for the day. So I listened.

KB image 4

These are comfy, high waisted (shocker) shorts, made out of a lacey material. They’re cut higher on the sides – a very flattering look. I paired them with a high neck, striped cotton tee – and would’ve LOVED to slide on my white converse sneakers, but had accidentally left them at home. This is a look you can definitely dress up or down. It’s what I call my “high neck, high waist, low budget” outfit. Super affordable and adorable. Throw on some sunnies and this outfit becomes that much cuter.

Shoes have never been a strong point of mine. I’ve been into flip-flops ALL DAY, EVERYDAY. Or converse. It’s important for me to feel comfortable. I’ve learned to appreciate heels and my new favourites are the NASTY GAL queen wrap heel. They are sexy, fun and STILL comfortable.

KB image 5

I didn’t take too many bikini shots; I feel silly posing in them! I did want to give a huge shout out to COPA BIKINIS for sending me a few cute pieces. They’re so perfect for lounging by the pool.

Coming to Nashville for a bachelorette party?! I know a few great places to celebrate your weekend with the girls!

Get a pedal tavern – you pedal around the city drinking and stopping at honky tonks. It’s so much fun AND you burn calories while you drink ‘em!! Then, check out a few places on Broadway. The best spots are Honky Tonk Central, The Stage and Tootsies Rooftop!

Finally. My packing list:

– Simple tops and bottoms
– Jewelry and lots of statement necklaces to spice up staple outfits
– Heels, flip-flops, wedges, runners (try and mix in at least one work out to sweat out toxins)
– Nail polish remover and bright polish (this too spices up an outfit)
– Sunnies, sunnies and more sunnies (accessorize your outfits and hide those dark circles after a long night out)
– Penis straws (Just kidding! I HATE when people do those)
– Razors, bikini zone cream (waxing/hair removal is ideal)
– Bikinis and bathing suit cover-ups
– HATS – especially floppy ones when wearing a bikini – floppy hats are everything
– Rompers
– Make up remover and moisturizer – I can’t go to sleep unless I have a clean, moisturized face and it helps with the sun!
– Hair dryer, straightener, curler
– Party Smart Herbal Pills – no word of a lie – cures hangovers. YOU’RE WELCOME!

Happy packing!




  1. Sam says:

    Such a beaut. Love reading your funny blogs and creepin on your kick ass outfits! Hope I run in to you again soon.

  2. Nicole says:

    Where are those sun glasses from in the last picture??? I love them!

  3. Dana Dodd says:

    Love this!! Heading to a bachelorette party in Myrtle Beach in a couple of weeks!! I’m with you on washing my face before bed! I NEVER used to but started using R+F and I literally can’t NOT wash my face! Love the heels and boots posted! I’m with you – I’m TERRIBLE at picking out comfy sexy shoes!

  4. Shauna says:

    Hi kaitlyn,
    I was wondering how we could get you and Shawn to crash our bachelorette party in Nashville in June?! It’s for my sister and I know she would love it!!

  5. Katie says:

    I know this has nothing to do with the post here but I have to tell you how much your face swaps with Shawn make me cry laughing on snapchat… They are so so so funny! Keep doing them… I enjoy a good afternoon surprise face swap sesh to brighten my afternoons lol

  6. Lindsay B says:

    Kaitlyn- I need help planning my cousins bachelorette party in Nashville! I’ve never been to that city and would love to hear some more ideas you have. Thank you!

  7. Nele says:

    Hi Kaitlyn, Just wanted to let you know that you use really nice pictures on your blog. It makes me look forward to my own bachelorette party in a few short weeks.

  8. Taylor Fitzgerald says:

    We are doing a pedal tavern for my bachelorette party March 25th 2017!!!!! Just in case you and Shawn were to crash anymore………. 🙂

  9. rose says:

    check out this great Etsy store which has everything bachelorette

  10. Brooke says:

    Where did you get your white dress from? I have been looking EVERYWHERE for something like that but, surprisingly, I am having a really difficult time!

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